Journal Entry Form: Prioritize Essay

July 23, 2017 Management

Module 6 Journal Entry Form
Journal Background:
To reflect on what you have read or studied so far in a class is an indispensable portion of understanding. This journal entry signifier will supply a topographic point for you to take some clip and reflect on the prompt below.

Journal Instruction manuals:
Prioritizing is a really of import portion of being a pupil at GCU. There are many types of time-management tools available. In 250-300 words. reply the undermentioned inquiries in your contemplation. 1. Explain how you prioritise your GCU assignments with activities and work in order to efficaciously pull off your clip. 2. Why is it of import to understand the parts of a GCU assignment? 3. How does decently reading an assignment aid you schedule your survey clip? 4. Describe any concerns or troubles you had during this faculty. Journal Format:

1. Fix this journal entry utilizing Times New Roman 12 fount. double-spaced. with the text aligned left and the first lines of paragraphs indented at. 5. 2. Identify your entry on the first page utilizing the format presented below:

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UNV 103
June 2. 2013
Module 6 Journal Entry Form
I will prioritise my GCU assignments along with work and personal activities as I do everything else in my life. I take my agenda for the hebdomad. prepare for assignments. adjust for my son’s football pattern. and guarantee my girl makes it to piano pattern on clip. Once I have home life and work life assignments or scheduling complete. I so make programs to finish hebdomadal assignments. I normally spend clip in the forum to reply inquiries and respond to other pupils refering the hebdomadal subjects each eventide after I shut down my work computing machine.

Two best patterns that I use are replying both day-to-day inquiries on the same twenty-four hours every bit good as puting up the paper for my hebdomadal assignment. which meets the GCU Style Guide outlooks. It is of import to understand the parts of the GCU assignment because if a pupil does non hold on the intent of the paper. so it will be about impossible to make an essay that meets the needed standards. The assignment. aims. and rubric are all tools that provide each pupil particular standards which guarantee all constituents and demands have been met.

By decently reading an assignment. I allow myself an chance to fix my hebdomadal agenda consequently. Properly reading each faculty and all information refering the assignment will put me up for success as I prepare to run into the aims. assignment demands. and rubric outlooks. I have non had issues or troubles refering this faculty. The information is consecutive frontward and easy to understand.


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