Journal on Speaking and Listening

IT’S NOT JUST BY THE EARS! January 24, 2011 Though I have previous knowledge about listening, but I still find our discussion much different from the latter, it’s a lot more fun with lesser pressure. Listening is the most important part of the communication process. However, listening skills do not come naturally to most people; they require willingness, practice, and patience to develop. Effective listening is every bit as important as effective speaking, and generally much more difficult.

Although numerous barriers to effective listening can make the practice difficult, there are several habits one can adopt that will lead to a higher level of listening proficiency. There are many reasons individuals fail to listen successfully. These include (summarized version): interrupting, judging, faking attention, becoming emotional, tuning out, jumping to conclusions, becoming distracted. Interrupting is a problem for many reasons. First, it is aggressive behavior and will most likely bring a negative response from the speaker being interrupted. Second, it is difficult to listen and speak at the same time.

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When the listener is interrupting, he or she is certainly not listening fully. Becoming emotional can hinder one’s ability to listen. It is important that the receiver be aware of his or her emotions. If the sender is sending a message that is offensive, it is important to acknowledge that fact and be aware of the fact that something is threatening a breakdown in the process. When a receiver is angered, it is easy for him or her to miss the most important part of the sender’s message. Although the reasons for listening breakdowns are numerous, there are many ways to improve listening skills.

These are: provide clues that you are actively involved, concentrator, refrain from formulating an immediate response, try to prepare beforehand, and be prepared to accept revisions. Be sure the environment is conducive to listening. A willingness to accept revisions will keep the communication process running smoothly. Often people are so busy trying to defend their positions that they fail to really stop and think whether they could be improved upon or viewed in a different way. This is what is often referred to as “spending 90 seconds expressing an opinion and 900 seconds blindly defending it. Choosing the right environment is also important because it will help the listener focus and avoid distractions. Although there is no set environment which is best for all communication, in general it is best to avoid areas where there are high levels of activity, loud noises, an uncomfortable temperature, poor air flow. A TV SHOW HOST-ESQUE January 31, 2011 Television show hosts come in many forms, but currently, the most popular form of television show host is based on reality TV. Game shows are another popular medium for television show hosts.

Many of the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC) provide game show forums for hosts that range from quiz shows to shock game shows. However, take a look at these five necessary steps to becoming a television show host before you decide to take the plunge. Search for local hosting opportunities in your area. Not only will hosting a program and any events help you to gain notoriety, but hosting such events will also help you to develop a sense of crowd control and stage presence. Both of which are essential attributes that major networks look for in a television show host.

Search for a hosting position on your local public access/news networks and radio stations. Both provide experience in filmed and/or taped media and will afford you clips to add to your resume. Most, if not all, major networks need to assess your on-air presence before they hire you to host their television show. Market yourself toward the genre of television hosting that you wish to pursue. Maybe you are edgy enough to host a major network’s shock television game show. Assess your personal attributes and decide whether you are skilled in handling tense situations.

If not, maybe your personality suits a major network’s quiz television show. In either case, you will need to have a good sense of time management and an ability to comfort contestants through difficult situations like what Vhong and Anne do in Showtime, it is really an inspiration for budding hosts. NO SPIN, NO BIAS, JUST NEWS –DAY-OLD REPORTER February 7, 2011 Being a TV reporter/anchor takes sacrifice. On the surface it seems like a glamorous job but those of us ( including me) who have worked in the industry know it is just the opposite. There is, however, no other job like it in the world.

Want to be a news caster? Here’s how: Go to school to become a professional newscaster. Most stations hire individuals with not only practical experience, but want you to have an education. College is the place to get the foundation you need and where most news people get their first taste of hands-on experience. Pick a school with a good communications program. Majors to consider include Journalism, Broadcasting, Radio-Television and Communications. Research schools to determine their strengths and reputations. Watch local, network and cable news shows. Observe and practice the techniques of the newscasters you see.

Realize that you will be judged on your appearance and mannerisms. You must be well-groomed, dress fashionably, but not too trendy. Look and act like someone that people can trust and knows what they’re doing. Work on developing a “neutral” voice, free from any accent. Prepare for the environment and the life of a professional newscaster. The news business is 24 hours a day and you’ll work long and irregular hours, including nights and weekends. Plus, you’ll be under a deadline. Stay up on current events. Read the Washington Post, The New York Times and even the Wall Street Journal.

Newscasters mainly read from a teleprompter. You need to train your eyes to follow words. Have ideas for stories. Understand that you won’t be on the air immediately. You’ll probably start in research and use that to prove yourself to be a reporter, and then one day, if you’re lucky, you’ll be a newscaster. Search for entry-level positions at small stations. Most of the positions in TV broadcast news come from turn-over. If you prefer the network, the same advice applies. Remember that with network jobs, even entry-level positions are hard to come by.

One estimate is that for every position open, they have at least 60 to 100 resumes. After that activity I realized that news casting is no joke, it will take a lot of effort to practice this craft, so for those who are dreaming to be a one, well. . . think again. DEBATE AT DEBATE February 14, 2011 Well supposedly, I will write this article after it will happen but since I’m a little bit advanced, so I prefer to make it beforehand. A debate is a contest, or, perhaps, like a game, where two or more speakers present their arguments intent on persuading one another.

Men have been debating ( based on the internet) with one another since the beginning of time when the serpent first debated with Eve the benefits of eating certain fruits in the Garden. We shall limit ourselves here with discussing formal contest debating between educational institutions, or, in the world of home schooling, between families that choose to bypass educational institutions and educate their children at home. The first round of the debate will take place next week, and I am part of a team (I hope to win) which is pro-reproductive Health Bill.

Seeing that this is a world wide activity I felt that I should write some basic tips for debating, as I realize how hard it is when I first started. I have been debating for 5 years and hopefully I can pas my experience on to others. I’m not sure if different countries have different types of debating, but Australia has a system where there are 3 people on each side who take it in turns to argue a point. You are always right – no matter what you really believe, if you want to win then you have to know that what ever you say is correct and your opposition is always wrong.

Strong central argument, after you make each point link it back to your team’s case. This makes the whole team look more prepared and gets big marks. Rebut, if they have an incorrect fact, rebut it. If they do not link back to their team’s case, rebut it. If they give an example that has no relevance, rebut it. Remember, the opposition is always wrong. If you need more time, summarize – a good summery not only gets good points, it also increases your time. If you go under time you lost points and the same occurs if you go over. Try to find a balance. Never insult the opposition – no matter how much you want to, don’t!

If you want to insult something, do it to their argument. Don’t use personal attacks if you want to win. Have passion – believe in what you are saying and you probably will win. Speak from the heart, but also use logic and academic research. This is not so much a guide but just some helpful tips, so that you can earn maximum points. If you still have some queries, then post a comment below. WRITING IS NO JOKE February 21, 2011 I really don’t know why we keep on writing some sort of journals, reflections and learning logs, actually I’m against it but I have no other choice ( and that is what I’m exactly doing).

Sometimes, I see the point, but it’s not that concrete, besides there is no reason to put the burden to the students by giving them enormous activities. There was then a certain point in time that I just assumed that maybe we are doing this because this is what we need to be a better teacher. By the way, I will just tell you something about being a good writer, they say writers are born not made so it is really an inherent traits to be harnessed and not to waste. If you think you have it . . . flaunt it.

To be a good writer, you should be constant on your ideas and thought, but before the ideas you should think the topic you want to discuss beforehand. It is really the choice of topics that drives your thought in their proper places. Make sure also that you’re in the mood to write because if you’re not, you will be planked and you will not be able to make an article with unity, coherence and emphasis which are the basic elements of a written piece. Actually, I’m just pretending that I have a lot to say about writing but if you will scan my works today, you will realize the naked truth. GENERATION C

March 5, 2011 In today’s society technology effects many different people. The largest group effected by technology is college students. There are many good things about technology in this period of time. One of the main things that really have a good effect on college students is a computer. There are many things that college students use computers for. One of the real reasons that almost every college student has a computer in their dorm or in their house is to type up all of those papers that are assigned to them by their professors. Another one of the biggest things in technology is the Internet.

You would swear that now someone would die if they didn’t have the Internet. Researching on the Internet is a very famous thing too. College students can use this to look up information on a topic that they have to write a paper on or just look up anything in general. AOL instant messenger is a very big thing with teens and college students. College students use this to talk to friends they know. Most college students use it to keep in touch with friends they went to school with so they can see how things are going in each other’s life and to see how college is going for everyone.

Another type of computer is also good for college students. The laptop is a very famous computer with everyone now. It is a smaller version of a computer and it just closes up and you can take it with you anywhere you want to go. So college students can use these in class to take notes instead of writing their notes down on paper and they will be much neater too. Computers are one of the biggest things in technology today. Almost every family owns one now and most are connected to the Internet too. I wish that all of this are really what is happening.

Technology, especially the computers, is making our college life much exiting, interesting and innovative PLANNING LESON PLAN March 12, 2011 Teaching is the noblest of all professions and doing lesson plan is one of the hardest thing to do as teacher. So how do you go about planning for a class? Begin by deciding what content you want to cover and what your objectives are for the lesson – this will depend a lot on your class’s level and it might depend on an textbook that the school has provided for you or that you have brought yourself.

Ideally, these objectives will include both new vocabulary and new grammatical forms. Then think about what activities you want to use to accomplish these goals. These may include a short introduction to the class, a warm-up activity to get everyone involved, group work on dialogues, presentation of skits or survey results in front of the class, and a short conclusion reviewing what was learned and pointing out common mistakes.

Finally, you should always have a “contingency plan” to fill up any space that might exist at the end of the class. These plans may consist of an additional game/activity, or of an exercise that will help students to build bridges in their minds between structures and vocabulary learned in different lessons and that learned that day. Lesson plans help us a lot ( hopefully ), it’s really hard but if I stop now on learning how to make it, will I be equipped on my journey towards teacher hood.



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