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February 25, 2019 General Studies

Judith Wright’s poem “The Hawthorn Hedge” effectively explores the relationship between individuals and the landscape around them. The poem highlights the long-term consequences when an individual chooses to intentionally ignore or not accept aspects of the natural world surrounding them. The simile “unkempt as an old tree” is used as the persona compares herself to the natural image. The comparison to an ‘unkempt’, ‘old’ tree suggests that her appearance is unappealing, untidy or dishevelling. The ‘old tree’ represents neglect and deterioration caused by the decision to not engage with her natural surroundings. Repetition is used in the line: “she planted the hawthorn hedge” to emphasise that it was a conscious decision made by the woman to plant the hedge to isolate herself from the world. By choosing to only engage with her immediate environment, the persona has closed herself from possibilities on the outside world and has formed a negative perspective on herself and the world around her.


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