January 16, 2017 General Studies

The tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a story about a powerful figure who is on the brink of being killed by some of his closest friends. Caesar has defeated the Roman general Pompey, his archrival in battle, and has returned to his city to celebrate the feast of Lupercal, where a crowd of citizens have gathered. Caesar enters with his military and political figures Brutus, Cassius, and Antony . Even though Cassius and Brutus are friends to Julius Caesar they plot to annilate him, because they fail to accept his authority and rise to king. Shakespeares play contains the use of theme, conflict and mood to further develope the story.

The theme established in act one of Julius Caeser is that it only takes the influence of one to stab a life long friend in the back. Cassius, a conspirator against .

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Julius Caesar, persuades Marcus Bruttus to side with him in his battle against Caesar by “in several hands, in at his window throw, as if they came fromm several citizens, .

Writings, all tending to the great opinion that Rome holds of his name: wherein obscurely Caeser’s ambition shall be glanced at.”( 1.2.324-328) Cassius also brings up .

events of the past that made Caesar look like a coward such as the time where Caesar and he were jumping into a river and “Caesar cried “Help me Cassius, or I sink” I, .

as Aeneas, our great ancestor , did from the flames of Troy upon his shoulder the old Anchises bear, so from the waves of Tiber.” (1.2.111-114) Friendship is a wonderful part of life, but unfortunatly it can be used to deceive, for it is easy to manipulate with. In this instance it is the false friendships that seal the fate of Julius Caesar.

The main conflicts that are presented to the audience in act 1 in the tragic play of Julius Caesar are Conspirators V.S Plebeians (external) and Brutus V.S himself (internal). Caesars commoners mourned because they agreed in many things he did, while the conspirators thought of him as a dictator who would some day take full control of Rome.


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