just buying

December 27, 2016 General Studies

Just Buying.

I spend a lot of time in stores thinking my way out of purchasing items. As I walk around I see how other people shop. I now know that shoppers can be described in three different ways. There are the lookers, the thinkers and the doers.

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The first set of shoppers is the lookers. For the most part they only go to a store for what they need. They never put anything in their cart that they did not plan on purchasing before they left their house. The lookers are always “just looking.” If a looker views an item that they think they want or need they will not purchase it. When they arrive home they will continue to think about that item. If a looker still feels they should get the item they will plan to purchase it the next time they need to shop at that store.

The second set of shoppers is the thinkers. I am one of these. A thinker will see something they like and place it in their cart. As they walk around the store placing items in their cart they think about other items they already have in their cart. Thinkers are always putting something new in their cart and putting another item back. The thinkers keep employees of a store on their toes, constantly having to put items back in the correct location. The typical thoughts of a thinker are “do I need this?” “can I afford this?,” and “I”ll have to try this on to make sure it fits; I just won’t get it.” By the time a thinker is ready to check out they have thought their way out of buying pretty much every item they had picked up. The items they wind up purchasing are ones they could not think of a reason not to buy and items that they put in their cart towards the end. If a thinker does not give himself or herself enough time to think about an item they end up purchasing it.

The third set of shoppers is the doers. I wish I had their kind of money. A doer is the type of person who goes to a store with every intention of buying.


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