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February 5, 2019 Business

Just as what Manalang-Gloria had implied in her poem “I Have Begrudged the Years”, both love and investment needs to be managed, nurtured and evaluated. In the first instance, both seem to act as an indifferent matte.
To illustrate, a man who admired a woman is not immediately identified as love, yet in the consequent stages, love is to develop otherwise none at all. Likewise, a business venture talked about but not yet agreed upon is not an investment, still it is a precedent of an investment. Second, after it has developed, it often needs to be nurtured and cared about. Though at times, it is better to have it left alone as it is. Nonetheless, it is in the natural human psychopathic senses that it must respond to such apparent instances of both love and investment. In short, demand; worry and attention eventually become part of what is concomitant in the situation. Accordingly, there would result a case that your mind and soul is mostly if not wholly committed for the status quo of both. Also, in this stage it entails a lot of effort to maintain the best conditions that may happen. Decisions made wrong at this point can cost you an assurance of failure in the outcome. In similar fashion, actions made wrong at this point of time can cause earlier efforts to be disregarded. For that reason, attention and observation become necessary to facilitate an existent relationship. Unless a person in a relationship (love or investment) declines, there is no telling how much good things you can earn from it or from your efforts. In addition, the tendency of insensitivity or futility may unknowingly overlook or diminish the value of a preceding effort. Existing boy-girl relationships and corporate investment agreements would be the best examples. Finally, the need for evaluation enters the love/investment relationship scene. A primary concern would be returning where a thing is belonging. If things get worse and a matter, per se, cannot be returned to more than what it is before, it must at least be returned to what it is before. In like manner, it is also significant to take note of an excerpt of Manalang-Gloria which was, “let others give to Caesar, Caesar’s own”. The said excerpt has different interpretations resulting from different angle of perspective. In brief, evaluation can be conducted through weighing of expected returns. After all, a check is to investment and a letter is to love, same paper-ignition scheme.
In the final analysis, love and investment really has correlation as the preceding paragraph proves. And it is so obvious that the phases, processes and requirements bear resemblance of both. However, not all people have the same perspective that I have. They may have a contrasting perspective, and their findings follow suit. Above all, love and investment at par has its own virtual situations and limitations


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