December 4, 2016 Teaching

Everything in the room was illuminated by the dull, ominous light cast by the television set. The parental units were sound asleep, yet still making sound through grumbling snores, reminiscent of the Big Bad Wolf. Suddenly, there he was on the screen, amusing me to no end and all the while teaching me my alphabet. Big Bird – that wonderful creature, who always towered above the others, both physically and mentally. I, myself, was never a fan of Elmo or Bert or Ernie or that crazy Cookie Monster. Big Bird was the classiest bird I ever saw with that glorious golden-yellow hue and those wings that you just knew would never carry him far from that street of Sesame. .

The one and only – Big Bird! .

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Despite Big Bird’s obvious physical deformities, he carried himself with confidence. Instead of bemoaning his inability to fly from the presence of possible human predators, he used his undeniable charm to make them his friends. At an early age, his talents and strong personality brought me to the realization that I could overcome my own physical defects and show the beauty within. The year I was five years old was one of profound growth, and I can say that I have never fully advanced from the mindset of that age. .

When I was five, my parents also took me to the set of Sesame Street, and I was enchanted, amazed, and thrilled. I searched madly for Big Bird. Snuffleupagus was hanging limp from the rafters, obviously taking a nap. Oscar had evidently decided it was time for a bathroom break, for his garbage can was turned over and hollow inside. The other residents of Sesame Street had apparently called a group meeting, because they were all heaped together in a pile. I kept my distance; I was always told that eavesdropping was a bad habit. Soon, I came upon Big Bird and my first experience with disillusion. Big Bird’s body had the head of a man, smoking a cigarette. The horror swept over me, and I ran screaming out of that horrible place.


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