Karl Lueger And His View On The Holocaust History Essay

August 21, 2017 History

Was the Holocaust an act influenced and put to life merely due to one individual ‘s sentiments and political thoughts? It ‘s certainly apparent that Adolf Hitler was the individual behind the slaughter and favoritism of six million Jews, but to what extent? With this being researched, Hitler and the Nazi Party came to take a batch of inspiration from political relations in the nineteenth century, something that would finally take to the Holocaust.

Research for this essay has been done chiefly utilizing books, but besides dependable cyberspace beginnings and confer withing people with matching cognition. Beginnings that seemed inaccurate were non used.

Lueger ‘s first major move in the political raid was establishing the Christian Social Party in 1893[ 1 ]. Aimed at the Catholic every bit good as the in-between category, the Christian Social Party took political power from the German progressives and aided Lueger in going mayor2. His anti-semitic positions were a big portion of his platform and helped him to win the election. Karl blamed Jews for the difficult economic times Austria was confronting, an thought that would subsequently be echoed by Adolf Hitler in Germany.

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Lueger was non entirely in his anti-semitic approach3. With European states set uping settlements, a popular statement emerged saying that white people were superior to any other race, including the “ erroneously ” defined race of Jews. This belief was founded upon the thought that Jews shared common blood and physical visual aspect, that they were so a “ race ” and therefore, even a Jew converted to Christianity remained a Jew3.

Karl Lueger

Birth: 24/10-1884 Death: 10/03-1910

Mayor of Vienna ( Christian Social Party ) Still, Lueger ‘s clip in political office was non marked by an addition in antisemitism.

Though he voted for some anti-semitic issues in the yesteryear ( a measure to curtail the in-migration of Russian and Rumanian Jews4 ) , his term remained comparatively impartial. Further grounds back uping this position that Lueger used antisemitism for strictly political intents is seen in Lueger ‘s friendly relationships with many Jews5.

Hitler ‘s Influence

However guiltless Lueger ‘s anti-semitic beliefs may look, it is clear that they had a profound influence on Adolf Hitler. Not merely was Hitler impressed by Lueger ‘s technique of addresss and effectual usage of propaganda, but it was besides during Lueger ‘s term in office that Hitler became an anti-Semite6. He states in his book Mein Kampf, that he was at first put off by the anti-semitic yellow journalisms and booklets printed in Vienna7. Therefore, it can be noted that the anti-semitic environment that Lueger created in Vienna at the really least, contributed to Adolf Hitler ‘s ulterior beliefs.

Some argue that Hitler collided with Lueger ‘s positions, non taking them up by his ain will, but alternatively holding them forced upon him by populating in Austria at the clip. In Hitler ‘s Vienna: A Dictator ‘s Apprenticeship, Brigette Hamann notes, “ Nowhere could immature Hitler have studied the power of the panic of a few and the powerlessness of a big organisation better than in Austria ‘s Reichsrat Vienna. ” ( page 224 ) .

Hitler was non anti-semitic before his stay in Vienna: he had Judaic friends, defended them at times, and was non impressed by anti-semitic literature8. Austria did non learn anti-semitic positions, but the political efficiency of such positions dictated among the society.

Is Lueger to fault or did Hitler merely take his thoughts excessively far? It would look to some that Lueger ‘s positions were simply political tools, and that he should non be held accountable for how far Hitler took them. It can non be ignored, nevertheless, that Lueger did so help the anti-semitic tendency that had already been developing.

What will now be presented is how Hitler took Lueger ‘s positions to an extreme. Positions that were, in fact, still Lueger ‘s. He may hold non believed what he was stating ; unluckily, others did ( or at least noted its political effectivity ) .

Adolf Hitler

Birth: 20/04-1889 Death: 30/04-1945

Dictator of Germany ( Nazi Party )


The Holocaust

The Great Depression struck 1929 in Wall Street. This recession caused a batch of political organisations to lift worldwide – non least the National Socialist Workers Party ( more normally known as the Nazi Party ) 9 in Germany. With Adolf Hitler as the laminitis of the newly-born party, anti-semitic sentiments played an of import function within their run. Lueger ‘s direct impact is apparent in Hitler ‘s anti-semitic thoughts, majorly in his impression that the Jews destroyed the economic system.

As the Nazi Party won the German election in 1933, they had successfully spread their countrywide propaganda saying that the Jews are the cause of the economic state of affairs ; including the poorness, rising prices, deficiency of occupations and so forth. Followed by this occurrence, it of course created a fury which would “ uncompress ” amongst the gentiles in the German society10.

The so called fatal favoritism of Jews started off with the ‘April boycotts ‘ ; Hebrews were forced out of high standing occupations. In 1935, one of two major stairss in anti-semitic statute law was implemented, the Nuremberg Laws. These Torahs removed the Jew ‘s rights of citizenship11. The last major pogrom implemented was Crystal Night ( known as the beginning of the Holocaust ) . The thought of Crystal Night was to destruct Judaic graveyards, temples and places. Almost one hundred Jews were killed and 1000s of edifices were destroyed.

The Final Solution

Hitler ‘s programs for Jews were mentioned in the “ Concluding Solution ” in 1938. The programs included in this papers were the exile, development and extinction of European Jews.

In the fall of 1939, a bulk of all the Jews in European states were gathered and taken to ghettos or extinction cantonments. The ghettos were used to segregate Hebrews from the remainder of the populace. The conditions in the ghettos were ineffably atrocious. Often did people dice of hungriness and disease spread quickly. The Nazis would carry on the worst of experiments known to history, where people were viciously exploited. The term ‘extermination cantonment ‘ speaks for itself ; Hebrews that were classed as being unable to be exploited ( in Nazi footings work ) , were sent to extermination cantonments in order to be eradicated. Over six million guiltless people were senselessly murdered during The Holocaust.


Conclusively, we can province that Adolf Hitler was to a great extent influenced by Lueger ‘s anti-semitic sentiments. In making an anti-semitic ambiance in Vienna, he influenced Hitler ‘s positions, which in bend contributed to, what I believe is, the worst human rights atrociousnesss to day of the month, The Holocaust.


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