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April 20, 2018 General Studies

There are three main objectives that project managers should try to achieve during the first meeting. Overview of the project (including project scope and objectives, the general schedule, method, and procedures).? Briggs: Summarized project as what, when, where, why and how much.? Provide opportunity for members to introduce themselves.? Briggs: She asked the members of the group to introduce themselves.? Model how the team is going to work together to complete the project.? Briggs: She announces that she would be meeting individually with each member to discuss their role on the project.

Page 349 Amber Briggs did a good job in the first meeting given that it was delayed and even missed by a couple team members.? A few things she could have done differently: Started the meeting on time with the members present in order to follow the agenda and go in depth into the project.? A good project manager should be aware of member presences and accommodate them. Page 359? She should have discussed the division of individual tasks and how the team was going to work together to accomplish the project.?

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Brainstorming of ideas to build on: Since the success of the events depends on the commitment of team members she should have started creating an idea chart including an idea from each team member. This would have encouraged each team member to actively participate in the creation of the event. 2. Barrier to encounter: Establishing a team identity: Her team is compiled of specialists who work on different phases of the project and spend the majority of their time and energy elsewhere. Her team will lack full time involvement of team members.

Page 353? Creating a shared vision: A vision involves intangible aspects of project performance which should be identified clearly and unite the team members. Page 355? Managing project reward system: Managers are responsible for managing the reward system that encourages team performance and extra effort. Members like Cara and Megan are already motivated by the project but for members like Nick and Mike, who were forced to go to the meeting, some method of motivation will be needed. Page 357?

Managing conflict within the project: Disagreements and conflicts naturally emerge within a project team during the life of the project. Conflicts will transpire due to the individual members work schedules and the lack of motivation by some members. Page 362 3. Overcoming these barriers: Establishing a team identity: Project managers need to try to make the project team as tangible as possible to the participants by developing a unique team identity to which participants can become emotionally attached.

Team meetings: Timely gatherings of all the project participants help define team membership and reinforce a collective identity.? Co-location of team members: The best way to make the team tangible is to have the members work together in a common space. Theses spaces serve as a tangible sign of positive effort.? Team name: Names help make the team more tangible as well as logos to demonstrated team membership.? Team rituals: Contributes to the creation of a unique team subculture. These can be used to reinforce a special status within the team.

Page 353 – 354 Creating a shared vision: Visions can be captured in a slogan or a symbol or can be written as a formal vision statement. Project managers need to actively participate in collecting team member ideas on how they weight different attributes of the project.? Establishing vision building meetings while encouraging contribution by team members.? When problems or disagreements emerge, all responses should be consistent with the vision. Page 355 – 357 Managing project reward systems: Monitory and non monitory rewards motivate team members.

There are times when a project manager should reward individual performance. This is done not only to compensate extraordinary effort but also to signal to the others what exemplary behavior is. some ways to do this is by providing letters of commendation, public recognition for outstanding work, flexibility of rules and desirable job assignments.? Celebrating each well done milestone will help increase team motivation. Page 357 – 359 Conflicts within project team: Project managers need to try to end the conflict by negotiating, resolving, persuading and helping identify alternatives.

They need to find a win – win situation in order to control the conflict.? Page 362 4. What to do between first and second meeting: Take time to review how effective the first meeting was.? Prepare a set of rules to insure all members participate equally in the project.? Find a time and place where all members are able to attend.? Prepare and circulate an agenda that shows each topic to be discussed throughout the meeting as well as the time spent on each.? Update the 2 members that did not show up for the first meeting.


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