Key Players in Curriculum Development

December 28, 2017 General Studies

Axia College Material Appendix E Fill in the table by describing the role and influence each group has on curriculum. Some may have direct influence and some may have indirect influence. Identify whether their influence deals with selecting, maintaining, or evaluating the curriculum and in what ways they participate in that process. The first answer is provided as an example. Key Players in Curriculum Development

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Key PlayersRole and Influence on Curriculum Federal GovernmentThe federal government passes federal legislations, such as the No Child Left Behind Act, to which schools must measure up. NCLB mandates can directly influence the curriculum in schools. They mostly influence the selection of curriculum. StateThe state determines what the students should learned based upon grade level and also selects the materials to be used in order for them to learn.

They give guidance through teacher aid material to help the teachers know how to present the material to the classroom such as syllabi or other documents created for each subject. DistrictThe district also plays a key role in supporting and evaluating whether the curriculum mandated by the state standards is being met. Districts may evaluate each grade level to ensure the curriculum is being presented effectively and the standards for each grade is being met. The main role of the district is ensuring the implementation of the set curriculum.

SchoolThe school’s role is to present the materials given by the state and district to the teacher and ensure the curriculum is being taught in the classroom. Schools must make sure the student’s state standard of learning is being met and that the teachers are being held accountable in the classroom. TeacherThe teacher’s role has little control but probably the most responsibility. It is their role to ensure the students’ success as a learner. They must also evaluate the curriculum and materials given to them and make recommendations for changes hat may help students to be more successful. They must give positive and negative feedback so that the curriculum choices can be a constant improvement in the educational system. CommunityWhile the community does not have a direct role in the choosing of the curriculum, they do play a role in the allocation of funds through tax dollars. They play a role in voting for members who make the decisions about the curriculum but control whether there is an increase in funding for schools based on their success.


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