Khamosh pani

By July 19, 2017 Communication



Against the general background provided by the blood- smeared pages of history which are full of facile groundss of force, inhuman treatment, inequality, unfairness and subjugation force inflicted on the meek by the mighty, the survey focusses on the place of adult females. Foregrounding the differences and disregarding the equality and balance in & A ; lsquo ; the Great Chain of Beings ‘ , adult male has created double stars and ideological hierarchies that justify the domination of the superior and the powerful over the inferior and the powerless. This so is the raison vitamin D ‘ & amp ; ecirc ; tre of capitalist and patriarchal systems, prevailing throughout the existence. Rightly has this been pointed out by the ecofeminists that patriarchate is the root cause of many jobs of the universe. This oppressive run in peculiar reached its low-water mark during the ugly stages of different colonialisms and their ensuing reverberations. Womans in peculiar became the worst victims of the inhuman treatment of work forces during such turmoiled periods of history. The present survey intends concentrating on one such in/famous twelvemonth 1947 normally known as Halliyan Wala Saal ( the twelvemonth of the onslaughts ) or Wadde Raule ( large public violences ) , when the Britishers, while forced to discontinue, divided India on the footing ( harmonizing to them ) that these people were… fanatically at odds, With their different diets and incompatible Gods [ W. H. Auden Partition ]

Though both the states carry out the rites of jubilations of it as the Year of Independence yet more than that the traumatic experience of monolithic supplanting and the savageness of divider that about affected every household does impair the exultations of the memorializations. Despite all the loud attempts and mediations of the politicians, the lesions still remain untended. The whole gamut of literature produced around this subject of divider has non truly been able to assist in acknowledging, recognizing, casting and coming to footings with the guilt deeply embedded in the mind of the people of both the states. The settler divided and people accepted it. However no 1 has contemplated of undoing it, denying it, responding to it and reuniting it? Partition non merely parted the state geographically into two parts, it really parted/ severed a organic structure into as many parts as possibly it could. Spine chilling sagas of the agonies of the divider victims irrespective of whether they are Muslims, Hindus or Sikhs are uncountable. Harmonizing to the historical histories about 12 to 15 million were displaced and forced to travel across the boundary lines to strange and unfamiliar topographic points. Womans became the worst victims of the atrocity and inhuman treatment of work forces during this flustered clip. About 83,000 adult females were abducted and raped. One such incident related to this is the mass self-destruction committed by adult females who jumped into a well to salvage themselves from abuse, humiliation and dishonour. Though peripheral mentions to this occurrence are found in literature and history yet they are no more than the testimonies of agonies. However what ‘s alone about the screenplay under survey Khamosh Pani ( 2003 ) ( Silent Waters ) directed by Sabiha Sumar is that this incident is made polar around which the life of the adult female supporter ( Actress Kiran Kher ) revolves. Her battle with the haunting past that keeps on impacting her hereafter and does non let her to rest in peace despite all her reconciliatory attempts. How she is forced to accept the same determination ( of leaping into the well ) which she had rejected during divider is merely flooring reenforcing that we are still the same what we were in 1947 and have learnt nil. The most dramatic thing about this aesthetic representation is that it raises one major inquiry ( which really few have touched ) i.e. the absurdness of divider. Another every bit of import philosophical issue that is handled really truly is the junior-grade experience of the adult females in general in patriarchate, and awful one in peculiar state of affairss like divider when the exuberant lunacy is at its tallness. The survey is an effort to understand why silence is chosen as a linguistic communication to convey what possibly the words can non and how in such state of affairss the organic structure becomes its ain linguistic communication.

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