Khaya Afro Caribbean Food Shop Marketing Essay


Khaya Afro-Caribbean nutrient store wants to go a concern that provides day-to-day necessity nutrients to the local community. Owned by Godfrey and Belinda ( Husband and married woman ) and employ two Employees. Khaya Afro- Caribbean nutrient store based in Harlow ( See Appendix D ) , is a topographic point to come to as you try to get away the day-to-day emphasiss of life andA merely aA comfy topographic point to run into your friends to purchase the nutrient that everyone call psyche nutrient reminding you of those great dishes that your ma used to cook. With the turning demand for high-quality Afro-Caribbean nutrients and great service, Khaya Afro-Caribbean nutrient Shop ‘s Culture will take advantage of on its locality to the Afro-Caribbean community in Harlow to construct a nucleus group of repetition clients. Khaya Afro-Caribbean Food store will offer its clients the best nutrient and ingredients in the country that will be complimented with Sweets and bites, and alien chip. This is a daintiness that is favoured by most of the kids.

Khaya Afro-Caribbean nutrient store will do its best attempt to make an environment whereace where clients can socialise with each other in a comfy and relaxed topographic point while basking their shopping. We will be in the concern of assisting our clients to alleviate their day-to-day emphasiss of holding to go every bit far as Dalston in order to purchase their favorite nutrient. We aim to supplying piece of head through convenient location, friendly client service, and merchandises of systematically high quality. Khaya Afro-Caribbean nutrient store will put its net incomes to increase the employee satisfaction while supplying good service and at the same clip doing good net income.

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Benefit Statement

As Khaya Afro-Caribbean nutrient store we would wish to be selected as the Best New Afro Caribbean Shop in Harlow Town. Khaya will concentrate on quality, yet low-cost nutrient and drinks for Afro-Caribbean ‘s and everyone who would wish eating different types of nutrient.

Our most of import groups of possible clients are those who traditionally choose to eat more traditional nutrient. Families, persons and those who like to research in different civilizations will profit. ( Beta Smarta Online ) Making a “ place off from place ” which is frequently more beautiful and palatial than where they are going from will guarantee many return clients.

We have besides provided ?50,000 of the needed ?100,000 to get down the concern. The Staying Capital will be obtained through Santander Business Loans. We will hold opening specials and price reductions in that manner anticipating more clients in the first hebdomad of gap and looking at doing at least 45 % in net income in the first month.

Macro-Environmental Factors

Oxford University Press, ( 2007 ) there may be aggressive competition and competition in a market. Globalization means that there is ever the menace of replacement merchandises and new entrants. The wider environment is besides of all time altering, and the seller needs to counterbalance for alterations in civilization, political relations, economic sciences and engineering. See APPENDIX B and APPENDIX C

Opportunities and Menaces

A developing market such as the Internet could another chance to venture into as the will other clients that prefer to purchase on-line. Joint ventures or strategic confederations with Companies such as Tesco would a great a chance as it gives an chance to make even more clients and conveying in more gross, traveling into new market sections that offer improved net incomes. Khaya will be able to make a bigger market compared to other stores, see comparing of merchandises offer by Khaya and its rivals. We provide natural nutrients such as the plantain and Yam which are naturaly adult nutrients. Khaya will give a free wagess card, and after so much bought or points accumulated a client can acquire a price reduction on the following purchase

No 1 likes to believe about menaces, but we still have to confront them, despite the fact that they are external factors that are out of our control, for illustration, the recent economic slack inA Asia. It is critical to be prepared and face menaces even during disruptive times. A menace is a major unfavorable state of affairs in a Business environment. Menaces are cardinal hindrances to the Business current or coveted place. The entryway of new rivals, slow market growing, increased dickering power of cardinal purchasers or providers, technological alterations, and new or revised ordinances could stand for menaces to our Business success. Tax introduced to our merchandises or service can present a large menace to our concern. Rivals can hold superior entree to channels of distribution.

Personal SWOT Analysis

Harmonizing to Scott Armstrong ( 1982 ) A notes that “ people who use SWOT might reason that they have done an equal occupation of planning and ignore such reasonable things as specifying the house ‘s aims for surrogate schemes. As proprietors of Khaya Afro-caribbean Food Shop we have extended experience in client services as I have worked in the fiscal industry and I know that “ Customer is King ” ( Online ) By giving good client service, we are doing certain that our client come back once more and besides state others about it every bit good. A failing can be the possibility of non acquiring every bit much clients as estimated or doing a loss. We need commitment from staff to give the best service. There is chance for growing in footings of new engineering, doing merchandises available on-line making an even bigger market.

Opportunity to acquire involved in observing civilization and history with events such as observing black history that ‘s being celebrated every twelvemonth in October. There ‘s chance for growing when it comes the merchandise line, spread outing our client base


Beta Smarta

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Hunter ‘s Deli

Located in Leytonstone 690b High Road, Leytonstone London, E11 3AAA

Tel. 02089 880 530

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The South African Shop hypertext transfer protocol: // ( Accessed 30 October 2010 )


This is merely a little comparing of some of the merchandises which we will be selling, as you can see Hunter ‘s food shop ‘s merchandises are limited they cater to a limited market. Hunter ‘s Deli does non hold Afro-Caribbean Foods and some of North African nutrients of which we provide to our multi-cultural clients. Hunter ‘s Deli ( Observed ) which specialises in South African nutrients. As per my observation Hunter ‘s Deli has a limited figure of clients that visit the store. One of the grounds is Limited Stock and merely caters for a certain South African Market. Khaya will supply nutrient runing from South Africa to Nigeria and the Caribbean ‘s. Our clients will hold a broad assortment of merchandises to take from

Merchandise Comparisn

Hunter ‘s Deli ( South African Shop )

Khaya Afro-Caribbean Foods

hypertext transfer protocol: //

All Gold Seville Orange Marmalade 450g Can Nola Yum-yum Crunchy 400g Jar

TROPICAL SUN JERK SEASONING 100G chink to enlarge chink to enlarge yam.jpg Okra | Fresh Okra beans-1-5kg-nigerian-honey-beans.jpg iwisa-super-maize-meal-1kg.jpg samp.jpg


Harmonizing to Oxford University Press, ( 2007 ) Below are the Macro Environemtal factors which contribute to success of our concern.



Economic- Harmonizing to Marketing ( Online ) we need to look at Interest rates, the degree of rising prices and Employment

We need to see the province of a trading economic system in the short and long-terms.

Political- The political sphere has a immense influence upon the ordinance of concerns, and the disbursement power of consumers and other concerns

We will hold to see stableness of the political environment.Government policy will act upon Torahs that regulate or revenue enhancement our concern.

Social/Cultural Factor- What are attitudes to foreign merchandises and services? Does linguistic communication impact upon the diffusion of merchandises onto markets?

It is really of import that such factors are considered. Factors include:

The UK is a multicultural community with people of different faiths and beliefs. We will be supplying nutrient that ‘s within the cultural beliefs of the community.

Our merchandises are clearly labelled in English which is the official linguistic communication in the UK and other linguistic communications sd Pr

Er merchandise designation.

Technological- Technology is critical for competitory advantage, and is a major driver of globalisation

Technology brings about Opportunity for enlargement of which we will be looking at spread outing our Business Online to make even more clients. ( Online ) Technology allow for merchandises and services to be made more cheaply and to a better criterion of quality?

Legal factors- An addition in the minimal pay and greater demands for companies to recycle are illustrations of comparatively recent Torahs that affect an administration ‘s actions.

Khaya will follow ordinances such as paying employees legal minimal pay.

As legal systems alteration, Khaya will hold to implement those alterations in the concern every bit good although alteration is ne’er easy for any concern, ground being there are costs involved.


Continuance from Appendix C Critical Success Factors Of Khaya Afro-Caribbean Food Shop

Net incomes is indispensable if my concern has to win. These are the cardinal ingredients for concern endurance. Payments of wages, measures, telling of new stock depends on a steady watercourse of net incomes, because without net incomes my concern will neglect. Customer and client relationship is a precedence because by giving a good service will do certain that your clients will come back for more.

Gordon. ( 2005 ) defined critical success factors specific to a concern:

Organizational civilization: “ making a civilization that engaged employees, while concentrating on safety and diverseness ”

Quality control: “ speed uping the gait of quality betterment for its merchandises, while concentrating on bettering new merchandise debut and uninterrupted merchandise betterment procedures ”

Cost focal point: “ implementing processes to go the highest-quality, lowest cost manufacturer of our high-volume merchandises in each hemispheric currency zone ”



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