“King Charles is totally to blame for the civil war.” Do I Agree? Essay

September 13, 2017 General Studies

The English Civil War took topographic point in 1642 when Charles I raised his royal criterion in Nottingham. The split between Charles and Parliament was such that neither side was willing to endorse down over the rules that they held and war was inevitable as a manner in which all jobs could be solved. The state split into those who supported the male monarch and those who supported Parliament. Some historiographers say that Charles is wholly to fault for this war. while some say that parliament is wholly to fault for it. I am traveling to state you about it. There were many grounds for why the male monarch was to fault one of the grounds for why the male monarch was to fault was because of his money jobs. Charles was non good with money and ever had really small.

He had closed down parliament and had to believe of ways of acquiring money without inquiring the parliament’s aid. He had used old Torahs like ‘Ship Money’ . which was a particular revenue enhancement to assist the naval forces he used this thought to acquire money off the people of England. This made him really unpopular. Another ground for why the male monarch was to fault was the manner he had handled with faith. As he was the male monarch. he had thought that he had the power to do the Scots usage English supplication books. The Scottishs were so ferocious that they decided to contend Charles I alternatively. This besides made him unpopular to the Scottishs every bit good as the people of England. When the Scottishs had defeated him Charles had to pay tonss of revenue enhancement money which he couldn’t afford. So. Charles had to remember parliament. as merely revenue enhancement voted by parliament got rid of the Scottishs.

Charles believed in Godhead rights that God had chosen him to be king so he and Archbishop Laud started to adorn the church which he said that if the church is decorated. you will be closer to God. He besides married a Catholic princess from France which was really unpopular. Oliver Cromwell and Parliament still wanted more power and no return to the Catholic faith. To do things worse for Charles the Catholics in Ireland killed 100. 000 Protestants. Besides another ground why parliament is to fault is because the male monarch and parliament ever used to reason about who controls the ground forces and parliament made the male monarch angry by taking over them without his permission.

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