King Henry and His Six Wives Essay

August 12, 2017 Religion

The Elizabethan Era contained major events that remain documented in history. If the historical figures of the Elizabethan Era had non existed. history would hold taken a dramatic bend. The full histories and personalities of each of Henry’s wives demo how these adult females left their Markss on the English throne and they changed the class of history. King Henry VIII was endowed with outstanding mental and physical gifts. He mastered Latin and French. understood Italian. learned mathematics. studied Homer and Virgil. read Cicero. and was knowing about the histories of Thucydides and Tacitus ( Shostak 6 ) . Henry was the first English male monarch to get a Renaissance instruction. Henry was besides endowed with great physical achievements. He was a brilliant equestrian. He enjoyed wrestling. jousting. swordsmanship. and tennis. Henry besides had a passion for music. He mastered the accomplishment of executing with three different instruments: the luting. organ and the cembalo.

He besides composed music. He wrote two five-part multitudes. several different instrumental pieces. several vocals and one anthem ( 6 ) . “King Henry VIII was born Henry Tudor VIII after late-king. Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York on June 28. 1491” ( Bruce 3 ) . Henry was the King of both England and Ireland from 1509 until decease. Henry VIII was a true Renaissance prince. He besides wanted absolute power. Henry was non the lone Monarch of the Tudor government ; “He had three other brothers: Prince Arthur. Edmund. and Duke of Somerset Tudor. and two sisters: Mary and Margaret Tudor” ( Shostak 5 ) . Arthur. who became Prince of Wales. married Catherine of Aragon in November 1501. After a short period of the matrimony. Arthur died. which made Henry Prince of Wales. On April 22. 1509. Henry VII died. which upgraded Henry VIII as male monarch and the seventeen-years-old prince acceded to the throne on April 22. 1509 ( Bruce 23 ) . Two months subsequently. he married his brother?s widow. Catherine of Aragon.

This queen was widower of Arthur. Catherine of Aragon. Catherine was born on December 16. 1485 in Spain. She was the girl of Ferdinand and Isabella. They sent over 100. 000 crown worth of home base and gold as a nuptials gift. She had left Spain to get married Prince Arthur of Wales in 1501. which they went off to get married in London. After Arthur died. Catherine and Henry married as King and Queen of England ( Shostak 15 ) . She was happy through the first few old ages of matrimony. but due to wellness jobs. she miscarried five of six gestations ; the kid who survived was named Mary. born in 1516. They went off to get married in London. King Henry VIII was brought up to convey forth an inheritor of his throne a boy. He knew after seeking continuously with Catherine. he would ne’er hold a boy. while she was still announced as queen ( Bruce 27 ) . Henry tried to set force per unit area on Pope Clement VII to give a particular dispensation to him to disassociate Catherine.

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When Wolsey failed in his dialogue with the Pope to acquire the dispensation. Henry fired Wolsey and decided to hedge constituted legal processs of the Church ( Bruce 34 ) . In a 1529 Act of Parliament. they limited the powers of the clergy by a series of legislative acts. Then. in 1533. he married Ann Boleyn. who shortly gave birth to the hereafter Queen Elizabeth ( tudorhistory. org ) . The undermentioned twelvemonth. Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy. which named the king the Supreme Head of the Church of England. Then. there followed the suppression of Catholic monasteries throughout England in May. 1536. Anne Boleyn was executed on the evidences of matrimonial unfaithfulness ( Shostak 45 ) . Henry married his 3rd married woman. Jane Seymour. who died in childbearing after giving birth to the king?s merely legitimate boy. the hereafter King Edward VI ( tudorhistory. org ) .

In 1540. Henry vice-regent and main curate Thomas Cromwell arranged a political matrimony between Henry and Ann of Cleves in the hope of attaching German Protestant involvements to those of England. Henry detested Anne?s visual aspect so he had the matrimony annulled and ordered for Thomas Cromwell to be executed on the charge of lese majesty. In 1543. Henry married Catherine Parr. his 6th and concluding married woman ( Jokinen ) . They were married for three old ages before Henry?s decease. Henry?s subsequently old ages saw a reclamation of belligerencies with both France and Scottish. Henry personally invaded France in 1544. where his ground forcess captured metropolis of Boulogne ( tudorhistory. org ) . The two states ceased contending in 1546. Henry?s subsequently old ages were besides characterized by strict persecution of both Catholics and Protestants. Henry died on January 28. 1547. at the age of 55. It was Henry?s petition that he was laid to rest aboard his 3rd married woman. Jane Seymour ( Sypniewski ) .

Tudor Parliaments were an indispensable facet of English authorities and disposal in the 16th century. After the King’s Council. Parliament was the nation’s most of import establishment. In Tudor times most of import determinations refering authorities were made by the male monarch or queen and a little group of advisors called the Privy Council. However. before these determinations became jurisprudence. they had to be passed by Parliament. Parliament was the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords was made up of about 60 Bishops. Dukes. Earls and Barons. It was unusual for members of the House of Lords to knock the king’s policies. If they did so. they were in danger of being stripped of their rubrics. Members of the House of Commons were more independent as they were sometimes elected by the people who lived in the country they represented.

However. few people had the ballot and in many instances the largest landholder in the country decided who went to Parliament. Parliament was much of an occasional establishment. Meaning Parliament was active under the Tudors. and exceptionally active in the reign of Henry VIII. Henry VIII was in favour of keeping regular Parliaments ( Shostak 57 ) . When Henry was in struggle with the Pope in Rome. he claimed that the ballots taken in Parliament showed he enjoyed the support of the English people. Elizabeth held fewer Parliaments than her male parent. On norm. she held a Parliament one time every four old ages. Elizabeth made it clear that members of the House of Commons had complete freedom of address. However. she believed that certain issues such as faith or foreign policy were best left to her and her Privy Council ( tudorhistory. org ) . Henry VIII wanted an revocation of his matrimony on the evidences that there had been adultery.

Although. cipher knows if this was true or non. was a manner out for Henry and a opportunity for him to get married Anne Boleyn. who he hoped would give him an inheritor. He sent Cardinal Wolsey to the Pope to plead his instance. but he failed. for this ground Henry VIII dismissed him in 1529. However. in 1533. Thomas Cranmer. the Archbishop of Canterbury. abandoning the Catholic religion. granted the revocation. He passed statute law curtailing apostolic legal power in England and finally. passed the Act of Supremacy. doing him the Head of the church in England ( Jokinen ) . Thomas Cranmer suggested Henry to get rid of and destruct the monasteries. since they were really rich and confiscated their wealth and belongingss for his ain usage ( Jokinen ) . Through the Act of Supremacy. he declared himself to be the lone Supreme Head in Earth of the Church of England alternatively of the Pope ( Jokinen ) .

Henry VIII’s wooings were every bit sexually driven. He wooed Jane Seymour with gifts and payoffs to members of her household. but merely decided to abandon Anne Boleyn yearss and perchance hours before she was arrested. In the instance of Katherine Howard the passage from manque kept woman to consort is apparent. Henry was in full chase within hebdomads of seeing her. non without a grade of encouragement on her portion which should hold indicated to him that she was more experient than was claimed ( Jokinen ) .

They were married three hebdomads after the Cleves divorce and by so Katherine may already hold begun kiping with Henry. The Elizabethan Era was full of contention and obstructions for many of its historical characters to get the better of. The six different married womans of King Henry VIII experienced first manus contention due to the King’s love of adult females every bit good as power. Although King Henry VIII married six different adult females. his determinations helped to alter and intrigue the class of history for the modern universe to reflect.


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