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By May 16, 2018 Medical

If you are not going to apprehend anyone but require them to leave the premises, you must make your instructions clear to them. If you are going to detain someone for an illegal offence, it is advisable to seek assistance and apprehend them in accordance with the International Professional Security Association Code of Practice. Do not involve a customer when apprehending a suspect. Explain clearly to the person being apprehended the reason for your actions. When assessed as necessary, only use limited force to apprehend a suspect and never inflict physical or actual bodily harm on anyone.

Escort the apprehended person to the Security Room and call the Police. Do not embark on a discussion other than to inform the suspect as the alleged offence. Any searches which may need to be undertaken shall if practicable be under camera and witnessed. If the person being searched is a female and the search is bodily, than a female member of the Security Staff shall carry out the search. If no female member of Security Staff is available and a bodily search is required, leave it to the police. As soon as practicable, the Security Officer is to entre full details of the alleged offence and actions taken in his/her log book.

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Medical Surveillance: Security Staff to report to their Management any health problems that may affect their ability to carry out the role. Documentation:Security Management to ensure a copy of this risk assessment is available to all employees. Implementation: Employees are reminded to take reasonable care for their own safety at work and that of others affected by their acts. (Section 7 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. ) Information Instruction: See Company Health and Safety at Work Policy and the references made in the arrangements section. Training: The practicalities of this guidance will be from the employee’s induction.

Security Staff to quickly assess the situation and seek assistance from other Security Staff. In very difficult situations dial 999 and seek Police assistance. Only competent and trained staff to undertake the task of ejecting troublesome persons from the premises. Security staff should always try in the first instance to verbally defuse the situation. If the disruptive person refuses to accept a verbal warning make it clear to them they must leave the premises. If they refuse to leave the premises on your verbal / visual order, the Doorman may eject the person using limited / reasonable force.

This force is limited to restricted arm movement and should be carried out by at least two Door Personnel. Never attempt alone to eject troublesome persons from the premises and only as a last resort use a degree of physical or actual bodily harm on anyone. If practicable, try to record verbal/visual warnings under camera. If the disruptive person is a female, try to get another female member from the Venue staff to witness events. When using limited force, corral the disruptive person against a wall. From this position it should be possible for 2 Security staff to effectively immobilise the person and make effective the task.

When negotiating staircases with troublesome persons, make effective use of the handrail by getting the person to hold the handrail with both hands. Whilst still being strained in the arm area, walk the disruptive person down the stairs. Ensure another person is going on ahead keeping the route clear. If the disruptive person resists being lead down the stairs, refer to the local Authority/ Security Training Code of Practise. When ejecting 2 or more troublesome persons from the building ensure they leave at different times and from alternative exits. Security employee to record all incidents in the log book.


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