Komatsu Case Study Essay

July 24, 2017 Cultural

1. How was Komatsu able to germinate from a $ 169 million company with low-quality merchandises to go a existent challenge to Caterpillar by the early 1980s? How would you measure Mr. Kawai’s public presentation?

The long-run vision of “catch up and excel CAT” opened up different merchandise offerings and the extension of the Komatsu market. Originating Entire Quality Control ( TQC ) helped to develop a scheme to get and develop advanced engineering. Project A besides sought to raise the quality to fit CAT’s degrees. which marked the beginning of the Plan Do Check Act ( PDAC ) rhythm. Kawai’s public presentation and policies to do Komatsu internationally competitory in cost and quality leads me to believe he did a great occupation in his function. The company was turning in gross revenues and increasing quality and cost. really doing CAT nervous about viing with Komatsu.

2. Why did public presentation deteriorate so quickly in the mid-1980s? What grade would you give to Mr. Nogawa’s term as CEO?

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1982 marked the beginning of an epoch of falling demand. world-wide monetary value wars. a rapid appreciating hankering. and heightened trade clashs throughout the industry. Nogawa besides focused more on cost film editing and aggressive gross revenues tactics than he did on internationalisation or the stagnating building industry. I don’t think Nogawa was a great Chief executive officer because he ignored concentrating on bettering the company and alternatively tried to cut excessively adult male costs put on the lining quality and keeping the concern back during his term as CEO.

3. How suitably did Mr. Tanaka trade with the jobs he inherited? What is your rating of his brief term of office as CEO?

I believe Tanaka dealt with the issues reasonably good with a good scheme to acquire off from overall growing and concentrating on net incomes. Although his scheme was good planned. Tanaka lacked the leading that would hold made him more successful. He did good in footings of net income. but failed to vie on market portion against CAT. as had been the norm of his predecessors.

4. How efficaciously did Mr. Katada take charge? How would you measure his new
vision for the company? His new scheme? His new cultural and behavioural aims? What grade would you give him for his public presentation?

Katada efficaciously took charge and was able to return to good public presentation and link his scheme with his direction manner. Katada’s new vision for the company. including new company ends and civilization. affected the full company but because of his long-run committedness with Komatsu. employees were accepting and trusting of the alterations he made. Katada changed with the times and the industry. seting Komatsu back into competition with CAT. Katada focused on active engagement with all employees alternatively of a top-down directing attack. Employees. at all degrees. were encouraged to convey thoughts to direction and be actively involved in the vision. way. and overall success of the company.


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