Lab report for chromatography Essay

September 30, 2017 Construction

Study Questions:

One of the demands for the photosynthesis procedure to happen. the works cells need sufficient visible radiation. Pigments are the substances that absorbed seeable visible radiation. Different pigments absorb visible radiation of different wavelengths.

From the soaking up spectrum of chlorophyll a. it suggests that blue and ruddy visible radiation work best for photosynthesis.

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There is a high grade correlativity between the soaking up spectra of foliage and the soaking up spectra of chlorophyll a. chlorophyll B and provitamin A. It is because those pigments are used to absorb the seeable visible radiation for the foliage.

The phenomenon of capillary action is involved in this technique. The comparative molecular mass of chlorophyll B is greater than chlorophyll a. Since it is lighter. chlorophyll B can do more rise of the chromatography dissolver in the microscopic infinites between the fibers of the chromatographic strip. So. this technique is really sensitive research lab tool since it can distinguish being pigments in a works based on the molecular construction of the pigments.

From the experiment consequences. the Carotenoid has the lightest molecular weight. Its ratio of forepart is less than chlorophyll b. significance that it can do more rise between the microscopic infinites between the fibers of chromatographic strip. There is correlativity between molecular weight and the mode in which the pigments separate. As the molecular weight lessening. the several colored set for each pigment can lift higher.

Two physical phenomena that make paper chromatography possible are the capillary action and the solubility

The other utilizations for paper chromatography are dividing aminic acids and sugar.


Since this is a qualitative experiment. there are a batch of safeguard stairss that must be taken during the experiment. First. this experiment needs a chromatography paper strips. During the handling of the strips. it must be merely touched on the borders and near one terminal merely to avoid any mistakes occur during the phenomena of capillary action.

Then. a capillary tubing is used to descry the pigment on the paper strip. It must be ensured that merely a little topographic point must be spotted on the strip. It must be neatly respotted until a dark green topographic point is produced to acquire more dependable consequence. Another measure is during the arrangement of the strip in the tubing. It must be ensured that the pigments extract topographic point is non immersed in the dissolver.

The chief job during the experiment is the deficiency of clip to make the experiment carefully since it must be completed in 2 period times. So. more clip should be provided to complete this experiment. For illustration. during the respotted period of the pigments topographic point. it must be guarantee that each topographic point is dry before another topographic point is produced.


Chromatography is a technique to distinguish several pigments in works. The photosynthetic pigments in Spinacia oleracea are chlorophyll B and Carotenoid. However. theoretically. it should hold 4 pigments. chlorophyll a. chlorophyll b. xanthophyll. and provitamin A. During the chromatography procedure. a solvent mixture that causes the single pigments to be separated during the tally is selected ; the laden chromatogram is lowered into the dissolver and the dissolver travels up the paper ; the tally is stopped when the dissolver forepart nears the top of the paper.


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