lagaan – review

January 6, 2017 Teaching

The theme of the movie “Lagaan” is simple and realistic portrayal of life, at the same time rooted in history. The use of the country’s most liked game, cricket, as a metaphor, is a brilliant depiction of human behavioral aspects and managerial skills of its protagonist Bhuvan, who teaches different skills like leadership, team spirit, motivation and stress management. .

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What emerged from the film was a leadership model in which the leader’s role is to spot talent, mobilize the team both physically and emotionally, act as a coach to the team and also strike a balance between humor, encouragement and force. A leader’s capability to create a shared vision, effective conflict management, converting team mates weakness into strengths and finally while encouraging constructive dissent creating a highly motivated and cohesive team to be a winner.

The film has depicted issues pertaining to human behavior like teaching a lesson on how to build up a team. The film also drove the message of learning to work and manage with limitations and minimum resources, all the while staying focused on the results. It also taught the need to accept and work with diversity. The film also stressed the power and importance of patriotism and national pride.

Main objective behind the review of the movie “Lagaan” is to give an idea about the management lesson taught by the movie. The movie is useful in many aspects to future managers to learn different managerial skills like:.

oOptimismoJob DesignoTeam Spirit.

oGoal Setting oPower PoliticsoDecision Making.

oHuman BehavioroGroup FormationoLeadership Skills.

oMotivationoSelf – EfficacyoManaging Diversityo.

oStress and Conflict Management.

oPerceptual Differences.

oImpression Management.


The movie Lagaan is an odyssey set in late 19th century in Northern India, which starts in a village Champaner whose citizens have not had a good harvest in the last two years.


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