landmine awareness

December 10, 2016 Medical

Educating families on landmine awareness at times seems fruitless, when faced with the .

fact that thousands of innocent civilians are maimed or killed each year, and half of the .

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children in your classroom are amputees. In following paragraphs, you will learn why.

our world is faced with this problem which stems from an unfortunate by-product of civil.

unrest and war.

To help understand the problem, we will discuss what a landmine is, and the danger it .

imposes. An anti-personnel landmine defined in layman’s terms is a small explosive .

device placed under the surface of the earth, triggered to explode upon intimate contact .

with a person. Landmines are designed primarily to deny access to land and it’s.

resources, causing deprivation and social problems among the affected populations. The .

medical, social, and economic consequences are immense.

The issue with landmines in the world today is much more widespread than most people .

realize. By most recent estimates, there are over 100 million landmines in more than 68 .

countries around the world. Used for a variety of purposes, the assumed abandonment of .

these small deadly devices is by no accident. A typical situation is one where a military .

convoy uses landmines to create a secure perimeter during an overnight bivouac, and then .

leave the mines the following day, to be used again at a later time. Mines are inexpensive .

and an effective deterrent against rival armies, therefore they are plentiful. Another .

reason for the “abandoned” mines is that it is much safer to place a landmine, than to .

recover one. Records and maps are not kept to show exactly where the mines are laid. .

This fact poses serious challenges for the success of the recovery and reclamation .

effort which we will discuss later.

Adverse social and economical symptoms abound within the affected countries. .

Land once used for agricultural purposes is left unworkable.


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