Landscape with the Fall of Icarus Essay

September 15, 2017 General Studies

Thesis: In Pieter Bruegel’s picture. “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus. ” he uses a Grecian myth. orientation of objects. and an accent on provincials to convey that being excessively ambitious consequences in negative results. which causes the spectator to believe that populating more merely will take to a more hearty life.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the picture. you can see Icarus inverted. submerging. In a Grecian myth. Icarus is given a brace of wings made of wax and plumes by his male parent. As he receives them. his male parent tells him non to wing excessively near to the Sun. But Icarus’ extra zealousness leads him near the Sun which melts the wax and causes him to plump to his decease into the sea. By painting Icarus really little. as if he were undistinguished. Bruegel implies that Icarus is a hapless illustration of how to populate a hearty life. Icarus was so eager to wing that he overlooked what his male parent told him non to make and caused him to neglect.

Aside from Icarus. about everything else in the picture seems to be confronting off from him. A boat which is next to Icarus is traveling the opposite way of him. There are besides more boats farther off which besides neglect Icarus. In world though. boats would decidedly turn to a deceasing adult male. Particularly the closest boat. The two provincials are paying no attending to him. The animate beings the provincials are be givening to stay unagitated. But if they were in a normal state of affairs. they would about surely acknowledge a adult male submerging nearby. All of these things pretermiting Icarus shows that his pick that being excessively ambitious doesn’t carnival good.

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The picture focuses on a provincial who is ploughing and another who seems to be be givening to sheep. Both of these undertakings are really basic in comparing to what Icarus was making. Because Bruegel chooses to do the provincials so much bigger than Icarus. it causes the spectator to pay more attending to their lives. This symbolizes that the simpleness and deficiency of aspiration in the peasant’s lives are more hearty than the life of Icarus who is a mere item in the picture.


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