First paper Title : Visit to Langkawi Island, Kedah Topic sentences : 1. Best places in Langkawi Island 2. Activity must do in Langkawi Island 3. Culture in Langkawi Island Beautiful beach Second paper Snorkeling, fishing, diving and etc. Tomb of Mahsuri, the field of burnt rice and etc. Sightseeing Activity must do in Langkawi Island A lot place to shopping Cable car Best places in Langkawi Island Visited all history places Paddy field Culture in Langkawi Island History of Mahsuri Style of food Visit to Langkawi Island,Kedah Langkawi is an ancient group of islands located on the north-western shore of Peninsular Malaysia.

The islands have a lot of legends and myths associated with it. We cannot count the number of legends regarding romance, warriors and fairy princess related to this mysterious island. The beauty of the islands is perhaps the best in the entire Southeast Asia. Mostly in Langkawi Island, the best places must visit is Tomb of Mahsuri, the field of burnt rice and the entire legendary place at the Langkawi. A lot of place it’s related from variety place with his own legend. Other than that, we can go to Langkawi Cable Car at Gunung Mat Chingchang, to explore the entire island and the huge number of sandbars and islets surrounding it.

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It’s was amazing experience that u must have. You can see all the tree it’s very beautiful and have a such weird feeling. After that u can also go to the beach the we call Pantai Chenang. It’s such a lovely place and far away from the busier town. There have an unending path of sandy beaches to relax. For women, also can release their tension with going for shopping. At Langkawi they have free-duty place at jetty that we can but a cheaper stuff there. In Langkawi you can do a lot thing there, such as



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