Language Study Plan Essay

September 26, 2017 Communication

In the universe of globalisation. communicating has played an of import function in human life. English for illustration has become an international linguistic communication for people to pass on with each other from different state. That is the ground that I choose English as my 2nd linguistic communication. As a kid. my male parent persuaded me to analyze English because he strongly believe that analyzing another linguistic communication in immature age can hold a immense consequence and efficient consequence to me when I grow up. I have been analyzing English for more than 8 twelvemonth and I have use English a batch in my day-to-day life to better this linguistic communication. Sometime I feel more confident utilizing English than my native linguistic communication which is Khmer. However. the more I study the more I gain so I have been seeking so difficult to better my English to progress degree which is required for taking a bachelor’s grade class. Furthermore. if I get admit to scholarship I will be analyzing preliminary Korean linguistic communication class to which I believe that English will go the chief linguistic communication for me to analyze Korean. As a consequence I will better both in Korean and English. Korean has ever been the linguistic communication that I want to analyze the most but because I couldn’t trim my clip for these in my high school. I considered to wait until university. However. in my free clip in order to entertain myself from all those hardship work at school I ever enjoy watching Korean play and their assortment shows that have a caption so I use to this linguistic communication even I couldn’t understand but still I know some phrase and word in Korean. I believe that by taking a preliminary Korean linguistic communication class I will better this languages as my 3rd linguistic communications rapidly which is required for taking a bachelor’s grade class because I will be utilizing Korean in my day-to-day life such as analyzing and pass oning as a consequence I will go confident in utilizing Korean as I feel in utilizing English.


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