Laptops in Classroom

May 22, 2018 Chemistry

We all know that we should follow the rules, but sometimes rules need to change to accommodate the people who are benefitting from them. Our generation is the time where technology is booming. We can’t help the fact that technology is all around us. Many of the devices, especially laptops can help us in our studies, help the student body become more organized and responsible, save money as well as paper and they’re so much lighter than those heavy textbooks. First of all, laptops and other devices are much lighter as compared to the school bags which carry a lot of textbooks. An average text book weighs from six to nine pounds.

That’s quite heavy to carry every single of them if you have seven different books in seven different classes a day. I don’t know what about you but I’d choose a better and lighter option than carrying those books around. An average laptop only weighs about 5 pounds and an Ipad weighs no more than 2 pounds. Some parents might say that they can’t afford a laptop for their child. How about the money they spend on textbook for a year? As a matter of cost, textbooks cost $250 each year (more sometimes, depending on the choices of subjects); over four year of high school that’s at least $1000.

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Now compare that with a laptop, which you can use for many years after high school and college and you don’t have to buy a new every year like textbooks. Personal laptops would be a great efficient and fast way to research educational topics quick. It would set the student standards of independent responsibility and would allow the student to be more educated online. There would be better access to resources rather than the limited school textbooks. Also, taking notes on laptops is more convenient and faster than the traditional way.

When there’s too much information in a lesson, the student will have to take notes as quickly as possible cause they don’t want to miss any notes. Typing the notes on laptop will save plenty of times and the students can actually listen to the lecture without focusing too much on whether if they write down everything or not. Parents and teachers might disagree on this. Some of them think that laptops will distract students from their education. With the full access of internet in class, some of the students might play games, go online or engage in activities unrelated to what is going on in the classroom.

And it’s true; there have been cases like that. But nowadays in most schools, they have a site blocker to block sites like Facebook, and other inappropriate social networks and sites during certain times or completely. If we use laptops there will be decrease in demand for paper and therefore we will conserve more and more trees. It would be a beneficial impact towards the environment and would be an inspiring and innovative way changing the way we study completely. The school can save more money since they’re not using it on paper.

The money can then be used for other important things like uniforms for sports and supplies for classes like Chemistry and Biology. I believe that students should be allowed to use laptops and other electronic devices in class because it helps our education, teaches students to be responsible and organize, saves time and paper , and it’s easier to carry than textbooks. There might be more rules that should be applied to control the students’ laptops, but I think it’s worth it because students will have more freedom in school and it can also help students be more engaged in learning. It’s a win-win situation.


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