Laura college campuses? What strategies for change

April 20, 2019 Sociology

Laura Smith
October 17th, 2018
Instructor: Tyler Easton
Sociology I: Introductory to sociology
Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:20am
Chapter 6
1. Consider the issue of rape. Why have most cases of rape gone unreported? Why is this a pattern changing now? What factors make date rape an important issue on college campuses? What strategies for change might reduce this problem?

Rape! how and why it is socially accepted. The issue arises more often than one would imagine. Why most rape cases have gone unreported and why? Surprisingly enough “rape culture” and myths about rape. Why is this pattern changing? Facts that make date rape on college campuses an important issue such as the colligate environment and what strategies for change might reduce these?
Roughly 80,000 women report yearly that they had been raped. It is believed to be several times higher when you include the estimated amount of rapes that go unreported and out of all reported rapes men account for eleven percent. U.S. Department of Justice (2014). Our government defines rape “the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will” and “date rape” when a woman is forcibly sexually assaulted by men, they know. (Laumann, 1944; U.S. Department of Justice, 2014) Now, considering the issue of rape. why have most cases of rape gone unreported? Mainly the abundant of normalcy society has accepted within the rape culture phase. Society has taken rape and exploited it to be a social “Norm.” Rape has been so sexualized it tends to emulate a form of sexual gratification instead of being viewed and treated as acts of assaults. Most individuals feel as if they will not be taken seriously as society’s rape myths provide predators social acceptance and approval for their acts of sexual violence. Feminists state rape myths are fundamental to the patriarchal society. Rape is a violent act that is used to express power Rape culture is objectifying and exploiting woman while minimizing the effects of rape, Allowing the aggressor to gain power through sexual assaults
There is a change in this pattern and it will continue to do so as others hear opinions, different ideas and understand restrictive stereo types. Society needs to actively discuss the myths about rape. The more myths women are able to disregard will empower those who silently suffered over them. It will not happen immediately but with the amount of resources that developed have started to make a cultural change. This is happening now because of social media and social awareness. Activism is pertinent to the cause and now reach more people in the media. We need women to have more power, to find their strength, their voice and stand up to capitalism as it still controls the majority of women’s identities. As social awareness continues to grow it will become the cultural expectation. The norm.

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Date rape on college campuses and the factors that make it an important issue. Well there is the colligate environment that encourages trust among young people, this is a false sense of trust as they still are learning the basics of life and who they are. These same colleges that encourage trust fails to educate these young people about the sexual experiences they are about to face. Culture today provides another way to put a higher risk of women available to date rape through “hooking up”. This is where two individuals of either sex meet up usually involving drinking and doing anything from kissing to having sexual intercourse. The majority of woman who surveyed about their “hook ups” said they felt awkward, confused or exploited afterwards. There are many ways that women can become the victims of rape with hooking up.

What strategies can help reduce the number of sexual assaults and the number that goes unreported? College campuses need to have clearer standards of fair play and be actively involved with the student’s education about sex and their sexual experiences this would educate both men and women about their bodies and the truth about rape and when no means no and if she’s unsure that means no.
Society is now accepting and sexualizing of rape rather it be because of the belief of the dominant role or power there needs to be accountability and society needs to learn to speak up and not just accept what is there.


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