After that they mentioned the literature point of view on leadership issues in recent times, and the importance of leadership in terms of managing organizations which shade a retreat insight to the subject. The writers after that, pointed that followers happy because they dream of a better tomorrow with the help of their leader. This research will help open the horizons to understand the dynamics Of transformational in Saudi Arabia. However, it is not possible to achieve this with the help of transformational business leaders who can achieve that goal.

Leadership has an important concept for most business schools over management. Leaders are given the opportunity to lead because they are accepted by followers and this is the key attribute. This paper states that traders are responsible for not only leading but also providing followers with the tools that they need to accomplish the organizational goals. Leader’s role is very delicate, and every action or decision must be strategic. Leaders can anticipate future likelihoods and plan alternative strategies to meet uncertainties, where a conflict may argumentativeness will escalate.

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Leadership in the workplace is about having vision and being able to transform it into action. Pounded (2008) explained interlink ages of transformational leaders with their followers. He found that the effect of ramifications leadership on subordinates rests on three leadership outcomes: ; The ability of the leader to generate extra effort on the part of those being led; ; the subordinates’ perception of leader effectiveness; ; the subordinates’ satisfaction with the leader.

The quote from the research of, Foodstuff, MacKenzie, Norman, and Fetter (1990) which propose six factors which are important for transformational leadership was great input to the papers where it showed that transformational leaders: express a vision of the future, provide an appropriate role model,nurture the acceptance of the goals, set high reference standards, and provide individual support and intellectual stimulation which demonstrate the a productive manager skills as stated by Steven Covey in his book the seven habits of highly effective people.

Leadership is a key element of success, and it has become factor in achieving excellence in organization. The writers concluded by agreeing with Rebelling “leadership not only improves organizational performance but also influences employees’ job satisfaction”. The writers stated that the ASK aims to become one of the world’s top ten competitive economies made transformational leadership highly relevant in the Saudi cultural. In Saudi people show huge regard for their leaders. Managers are found to be more socially invested.

Leadership tends to be personal, and the loyalty of followers is important where, the personal relationship between leaders and followers is also high Saudi cultural the writers described the transformational leadership as Saudi managers who can provide a motivation to their followers which is accurate evaluation. Transformational leadership requires a consubstantiation identity and energize vision to followers. It luxuriousness’s followers to challenge themselves and perform creatively.

The writers defined loyalty as the higher degree of acceptance of the leaders and their vision and it encourage leaders to pursue transformational leadership goals. The writers well argued that Islam encourages leaders to adopt the transformational leadership perspective. They confirmed their argument saying that from the Islamic perspective, the world has not seen a better leader and human being than the Prophet Muhammad, and he is the role model for Muslims every”here and how his words, actions, and behaviors form the basis of Saunas and Shari laws in Islam which is a great argument.

For Muslims they re first followers of Allah, and this imposes limits and defines their duties to the people they lead which in my opinion is not considered as weakness where every leader should be limited the values or ethics to earn the respect of the followers. The Quern says: “O believers, be your securers of justice, witnesses for God. Let not detestation for a people move you not to be equitable, be equitable – that is nearer to the God-fearing’ (Quern, 5: 8). These values are innate, and they are seen as a prerequisite of a good leader in an Islamic Society.

It gave a different perspective by studying the results on real life stories from different varieties, some are among business owners like Sullivan AY-Rajah’s business ethics, Prince Leader’s respectful ethics, and some among government Prince Chalked AY-Vassal’s interactions with his people and effective social relationship, even some female leaders such as Sheila AY-Bedding and her quest for women’s equality empowerment which all are great examples to shade the lights on Islamic nature and how this relate strongly to organizational culture and leadership effectiveness.

They mentioned that it is also mandatory to link transformational leadership with he desired organizational culture which is a solid point. The writers failed to mention a comparison between the age factor in Leaders and between the wealth factors.

At the end I can say that I found this paper comprehensive rich of knowledge and gave me new insights to Transformational leadership and its impact on theorization’s culture of businesses-is conceptualized as a mediator of the relationship be;en transformational leadership and organizational innovation as well. The paper and writers approach also inspired me to adopt a new perspective on management and its effect on our lives.



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