This ideas are created and organized by leaders with their followers, that’s why there is a great amount types of leader’s, for example, to traditional types of leaders we can put in transactional (who motivate their lowers) and transformational (who inspire them) leaders. But nowadays we can see the beginning of another leaders’ types, such as servant and creative leaders. As for me, I’m very interested in attempts to mix two ways of leadership.

I’m really admired with features of servant leadership, especially, in such a great attention in understanding the emotional and spiritual needs of followers, because it is very important to make your employees feel themselves happy on a work, because they certainly will translate this feeling to companies customers, suppliers and their own colleagues. Moreover, I’m interested in creative leadership which is based on creativity management. Creative leadership means producing a favorable atmosphere for stimulating the creativity of personal.

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For my vision, the easiest way to reach such point are to cultivate in followers proud of their work, to enlarge employees acknowledgment of what the company present to customer, to involve them in creative community and different activities (inventing new solutions, discovering unsuspected potentialities, etc). 2. Using the leadership identity card (ICC) describe the 5 competences, 5 hearted traits and 5 values you wish to commit to, which you would like to include in your profile.

The main aim of leadership is to entice followers away using leaders’ ideas and vision. But leaders treats of character plays a great role in this process, that’s why it is very important to leader to clarify all his features, competences and values in his own profile. As for me, I can say that treats of character I can include in my profile are: 1 . Tolerance (because it is necessary not to become crazy about one’s mistakes, bad habits or another unpleasant things – it is much more effective o help him to change this disadvantages to strong points), 2. Argue (because sometimes feel frightened about making a mistake, but know how it is important for leader to make decisions fast and creative, without any fears of loss or unexpected), 3. Perseverance in leading your followers to realization of my vision, 4. Patience without which it is impossible to converse with another people and explain them every small details of my vision, 5. And the most important treat of character for myself it is a humorous way of conversation and life which is very necessary to motivate and inspire my followers.

As for values, I suppose that the main aim of living is creation, that’s why the most important value for me is creativity. Another necessary value for me is integrity (trustworthy to my own principles and values). Speaking about ethic values can’t but mention forgiveness to one’s mistakes and even insults, equality of every person in my life despite their treats to me and compassion to one’s who not such happy as me.

To the list of my competences can include such a real leaders competences as organizational skills, the ability to speak interesting for interlocutor, the ability o listen interlocutors, the competence to be interested sincerely in everything that is interesting for my followers or employees and at last good strategic vision of situation in a complexity. 3. Describe how you intend to develop (strengthen/foster/nurture) each of the 15 aspects chosen, with concrete and measurable action in each case.

It is very necessary for leader not only to have some treats of character or competence, but to develop them every time to become more and more professional. Joseph Weinstein, a professor of management and organizational behavior, developed such principles of self-education of hearted, which I follow: check your readiness, make sure you are really need to develop some skill, know how you can do it in best way, get the right help, start with a small part, reflect along the way, challenge yourself to teach it to others and be patient.

Speaking practically, can notice that the best way to develop your tolerance is to do some projects in big international teams. It is very difficult to make them work in a normal way because of misunderstanding and different cultures and ways of life, that’s why fill be very long to finish the project first time, but you can measure the time and try o solve all the conflicts earlier during the next project.

As for patience the easiest way to develop it is to do everyday something boring especially for you, for example to translate articles (if you hate translating) from another language and to increase the number of translated pages every week. If you feel that you need to develop your courage you should do that you are afraid but in easiest way to teach yourself not to feel frightened, for example, was really afraid of public debates, that’s why I began to upload my video- articles about my feels and thoughts on Youth every week and now I’m dead to get conversation every time!

The most difficult aim for me was to develop my perseverance, but I find a solution. I’m really fond of sleeping ha& why 3 days every week I wake up at 4 AM (when it is mostly difficult for human-being) and have no right to sleep before run on a street 5 kilometers. It is very difficult not to throw in the towel and do to sleep instead of running, but it really trains my perseverance. And the main treat of character for me is humorous attitude to life and difficulties.

Some people sure what it is impossible to train such feature, but you can develop it (as I used to do it) while creating new, inordinate endings to a well-known books, movies or fairy-tales. At the beginning it won’t be funny, but after a few months of trainings you can see how hilarious you become if you’ll read your friends all your endings. The only way to develop your creativity is to create everyday something new, for example, as for me, everyday I open new book on random page and read the first sentence.

This sentence will be a beginning of a short story should write. Sometimes it is easier, sometimes – not, but, generally, it is much more simply for me now, then it used to be. As for me, I’m sure that the most difficult thing in our life is to develop your integrity. But you can do it using such a psychological discovery that people pay more attention to such thing they used to speak about. That’s why when I decided to train my integrity began to explain everyone (sometimes even to mirror) everyday my own principles and values.

I explain them, try to interest another people in my values, I try to make them sure that they are really great, and soon noticed that I really feel integrity. To develop such value as equality of all the people helps me never-ending acquaintance and chat with ewe unknown people. Ask them to tell me about their interests in life and it really makes me feel equal of sometimes even more professional in their professional area than myself. Another necessary ethic value is forgiveness. Yes, sometimes it is very hard to let someone off, but my professional experience helps me.

I used to work with children and sometimes they could beat me or say something unpleasant accidentally. It would be stupid to be offended, that’s why just didn’t pay attention, and now it happens automatically when I’m faced with something unpleasant. Moreover, it is very important to leader to feel compassion, so, in my opinion, it is possible to develop your compassion skills by understanding that people can feel in different situations and “putting this feelings on” yourself. Firstly, I write a list of situations and began to develop the models that I should feel if fall into one of these situations.

It really helps me to become more merciful and to open such value and principle as compassion. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to develop or nurture treats of character or value, but you can strengthen your competences easily. As for me, then decided to enlarge my repressions skills and especially organizational skills I began to create new projects and imagine how I can use my friends (because I know them well) to complete this cases. I try to imagine the best position for everyone (based on his characteristics and qualities), try to predict possible problems and quarrels and to solve them imaginatively.

Totally it was great exercise for my organizational skills and, moreover, few of this projects were even realized in a real life. But to inspire them need to have an ability to speak interesting to capture them with my ideas. So I began to read everyday something boring ND dull (for me it was a physics textbook) and explain the theme I read to my younger brother. Firstly, he used to become tired and drowsy very soon and it was offensive for me, that’s why every day I try to explain it more and more interesting for him using his interests and hobbies.

Soon he looked forward my physics stories and was really excited with every story. Doing this exercise, noticed that if you want to be interesting to conversationalist you must understand his interests, so I began to teach myself to be interested in everything that someone can tell me. It was not very difficult because cited to treat as a spy and began to carry on dossiers on every my friends there I try to write something new about his interests, hobbies or another necessary things every day, soon I stopped to do it, but even now I feel a great interest to everyone and everything he or she can told me.

To improve your ability to listen (it is important for the foregoing exercise) can help you my method. It consists in everyday watching a short 3-minutes movies from different debates and presentations and after a 1 hours break (to disable short-term memory) you should explain that it was bout and try to use the same words as speaker used to say. It is really very good exercise to develop your listen and memory abilities.



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