Leadership against their will which includes manipulating

Leadership & effective leader.

Hitler titled himself as a ‘Fuehrer’ which means a ‘leader’.
Hitler would today be ranked as one of Germany’s greatest statesman”. He is one of the reason how the society look at war. Hitler is the name that will always be remembered because he is the reason of billion’s life, at the same time he changed the world
Hitler leadership is to be defined as coercion. Coercion involves the use of force to effect change which influences others to do something against their will which includes manipulating penalties and rewards. Hitler often involves threats, punishment, and negative rewards. He misused his power and restraint to force followers to engage in extreme behaviors.

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It is important to differentiate between coercion and leadership because leadership is someone who influence their people towards a common goal but not to achieve his own ends. He is someone who will do the right thing. In general, Adolf Hitler is defined to have a negative but effective leadership style.

In my opinion, Hitler’s effective leadership is charismatic.
Effective leadership depends on 3 basic personal skills: technical, human and conceptual (pg 71)
To lead means to influence others and create visions for change
Advice to RBAF…
What is leadership
Define effective leader



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