Leadership Skills And Traits Management Essay

In this instance survey we have an elaborate description of how a leader can be transformed and enact with his leading traits and how he manifested himself in reacting to the troubles faced in taking a group. I had an great chance to work in one of the honored undertakings in ECIL ( electronics corporation of India ) it was one of the autochthonal endeavor which consists of different sectors to research. I had an cherished chance to work in undertaking called Electronics warfare system and its derived functions like missile support, air combat accountants and many to advert. It was an defense mechanism undertaking and I was working with Design Engineer ( DE ) he was leader of the group he was asked to take the squad of four people. The undertaking was to plan an 8051 accountant for missile support systems and we were working with different sorts of simulators and need to continuously supervise the dismaies embedded. We were asked to finish the full undertaking in 3 months with all the relevant certification and studies. My leader had his vision really clearly set in accomplishing the mark as stipulated and we started to discourse with my group couples and made an wide mentality program and agenda for the full undertaking. He motivated all the members for regular and active meeting and encouraged all the members to portion thoughts and open-end treatments in order to accomplish job work outing traits.

Purpose of the Project and Duties

The intent of this undertaking is to implement and plan the 8051 accountant in the electronic warfare systems in the defense mechanism field like missile support systems and Air combat accountants and in assorted sectors. This peculiar accountant can be used in assorted applications and it was really promising undertaking for us to accomplish this undertaking. And even we had to bring on assorted simulators and dismaies to observe the false instances. We all the squad members foremost took an enterprise, sat down and discourse together and ensured that first of all we should acquire all the needed information and does non confront any proficient job in due class of the undertaking. We eventually have decided to seek the relevant content and research to the nucleus portion to hold a clear position of our undertakings and functions. He divided the work among us and asked two people to seek the content from the cyberspace and other beginnings like books and diaries and meanwhile the other group mate assisted him in the scheming portion and collected all the needed electronic equipments to finish the proficient procedure to the flawlessness. When we started the undertaking, ab initio at the get downing stage we faced many issues within the squad and with the environment. We had different cultural barriers and communicating job because all the squad members hail from different parts and this resulted in few troubles in accomplishing the undertakings with a clear vision. But due to some leading traits and accomplishments my leader have managed the undertaking and made it a success through a changeless vision and end scene.

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Manifested instance as a leader. & A ; job resolution

As we have started planing portion of our undertaking we all shared our positions and exchanged ideas through our regular meetings and our DE distributed the undertakings separately and assigned their functions and duties. My leader said that that communicating takes on many signifiers and must be implemented strictly, widely and suitably he started carry oning preparation and promotional activities like utilizing graphs, flow charts, charts, advanced and multimedia designs to explicate the complete layout in a more synergistic manner, which made us to understand really clearly and he was taking changeless reappraisals and sentiments and ensured that everyone feels better in the meetings. For certain cases we faced some environmental challenges due to constant conditions alterations our undertaking was acquiring delayed and we could non often visit the site for the review procedure and we were dawdling behind in acquiring the precise measurings. As our leader took an enterprise to accommodate rapidly to the state of affairs, we have started planing simulation procedure which gave us an real-time environment and experience through which we could acquire all the measurings exactly. He on a regular basis encouraged us to take part and reenforce all the members through wagess and awards for their active engagement and attracted their support by puting an illustration. In the ulterior phases we started using the logics required for the PCB design and to assorted circuits. Implementing all the constituents and simulation procedure was carried out and package was installed to hike the drivers to bring forth an effectual end product.

And our squad leader have asked us to follow the cognitive attack in problem-solving and initiated all of them to maintain great liquors and enthusiasm in larning the new things and gave them the openness to see. We had an strategic program in covering with both proficient & amp ; non-technical issues. We eventually completed the undertaking in the due class of clip and and designs were carried out on the existent clip scenario but have encountered some mistakes and few designs were non working to the needed degree. Our leader asked us non to panic and patiently size up all the studies. He made few alterations in the specifications of the constituents like altering the frequences and applied electromotive forces through all the circuits and eventually he fixed the job with his changeless finding and strong gratitude towards the work. After few yearss we could acquire the consequences successfully and submitted the undertaking successfully.

Using theoretical constructs to leader

“ A individual does non go a leader by virtuousness of the ownership of some combination of traits, but the form of the personal features of the leader should bear some relevant relationship to the features, activities and ends of the follower ” – Stogdill

Traits attack: Harmonizing to the Hackman & A ; Johnson the leader behaviour & A ; perspective are influenced by their personal features. And Certain traits are of import to explicate the leading effectivity and warrant his leading accomplishments.

Interpersonal factors:

The interpersonal factors are the aggregation of accomplishments like pull offing struggle, emotional stableness, exposing assurance and presentation accomplishments. In the above instance the leader displayed enormous assurance when we had some jobs during the undertaking. He was invariably traveling through the studies and carry oning trials and eventually got the exact required values.

Cognitive factors:

These factors shows the Intelligence and problem-solving capablenesss of the leader and in the above instance analyze our leader had wide position and rational thought to face any sort of crisis with his proficient and non-technical accomplishments and able to give consequences really efficaciously

Motivational Factors:

This peculiar trait explains how a leader can act upon with his power of actuating others and bring on assurance in them to transport the undertaking successfully. In the above instance the leader motivates invariably for active meetings and engagement and honor them with the awards and pull their support.

Situational attack of the leader

Harmonizing to Robert House “ anticipation theory argues that the followings are more motivated to be productive when the undertaking provides a tract to a valuable end ” . It defines that the leader has to act upon the followings undertaking and way of the desirable end. Harmonizing to it there are four types of communicating manners like Directive leading, participative leading, supportive leading and accomplishment oriented leading. In the above instance the leader ever seek sentiments from the fellow members and portion thoughts and actuate them to make an enthusiastic environment and attains the challenge more efficaciously.

Transformational Approach of the leader

Transformation leading is authorising & A ; inspirational which can promote leaders and several followings to high degrees of self-pride and morality. Harmonizing to Warren Bennis “ The new leader is one who commits people to action, who converts followings into leaders, and who may change over the leaders into agents of alteration ” . Here the theory shows the ability of the leader to change over and transform the people around him consequently.

Transactional leading Factors

This factor shows the motivational entreaty to fulfill the basic human demands. One of the majoy traits of the transactional factor is

Contingent reward- In this instance analyze our leader ever provides wagess and awards and acknowledge good public presentations.

Transformational leading factors

This factor explains about the magnetic and inspirational behaviour of the leader. In our instance analyze our leader has a vision towards his end and inspired the squad members, construct trust & A ; regard in all facets of the undertakings right from the start of the undertaking and to the terminal he was really inspiring and motivational

Features of transformational leading

Several writers made a research in this characteristic to explicate the existent feature of the leader and harmonizing to Hackman & A ; Jackson ( 2004 ) some of the characteristic observed are creativeness, synergistic, airy, authorising and passionate


In our instance analyze our leader had shown a great creativeness when we faced a job. We were dawdling behind due to some environmental issues so our leader asked us to imitate the procedure which gave us many extra factors like clip we saved money etc. So this trait shows the creativeness of the our leader in most cloaked state of affairs.


Transformational leaders should be antiphonal to the demands and demands of the followings and motive his followings to hold an effectual communicating ( Hackman & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) . In this instance our DE had ever encouraged us to hold active meeting and portion the thoughts and do advanced thoughts to implement. He used graphs, charts and synergistic methods to explicate and to pass on with the fellow members, which gave us more motive and increased interaction towards the mark


Harmonizing to Hackman & A ; Johnson the transformational leader are the people who are extremely committed to their work and ever demo the willingness to larn new accomplishments and techniques. In our instance the leader displays a diversed endowment in accomplishing the ends and had a strong self-control and committedness in making the mark. He was really sound in both proficient and non- proficient accomplishments and he ever shows the enthusiasm to larn new things and the we followings motivated and improved our public presentation through his passion.

Case 3:


In this instance I discuss about the group leading of my senior applied scientist in the successful executing of a building undertaking. I was involved in this undertaking as a junior applied scientist, site supervising being my chief duty. The undertaking was the building of an technology college edifice composite. . The senior applied scientist was the leader of the building work force which comprised of 50 people who came from assorted backgrounds and civilizations, and had assorted expertness degrees. As every group undertaking requires part of assorted group members, jobs are bound to happen at assorted degrees. The undertaking comprised of building of two edifices and the scheduled clip frame for the completion of the undertaking was 12 months, six months for each edifice. The building of the first edifice took 8 months clip alternatively of 6 months allocated which put the undertakings in a 2 month slowdown. This hold was caused due to assorted factors impacting the group members viz. lack of coordination, deficiency of communicating, deficiency of proper vision and linguistic communication barriers. But the enterprise and leading accomplishments of the senior applied scientist saved the undertaking from over-running the prescribed agenda. As the leader of the undertaking, the senior applied scientist took the duty of turn toing the root causes of the hold and happen out the ways to rectify them.

4.2Leadership manifested from instance:

Leadership is reflected by the manner a leader addresses the jobs and finds out effectual solutions through efficient usage of his squad. The senior applied scientist being a leader of our squad addressed the jobs blighting our undertaking and took immediate remedial steps. This put the undertaking back on path resulting in the successful completion of the undertaking. First, he organized a squad meeting comprising of assorted squad members in order to reflect upon the province of the undertaking. Upon recognizing that we did non hold a vision of the undertaking, he gave us a proper vision and showed us the manner to make it. He reflected upon the fact that the day-to-day work we were making is non in single parts but is connected to each other and is a whole entity. We realized even little holds on our portion put the undertaking behind agenda, so we made certain we stick to the clip frame for completion of designated undertakings. This inculcated a wont of clip direction in us. He addressed the job of coordination between assorted sections by organizing an efficient coverage construction. This drastically reduced the wastage of clip between assorted linking undertakings. It besides helped turn up and rectify the holds in the work of assorted sections. In order to cut down the communicating spread between assorted group members, our leader conducted regular squad meetings and encouraged sharing of thoughts. This was both merriment and resulted in bettering the assurance of some of the introvert squad members. It besides helped organizing healthy relationships in the squad and assisted in the coevals of thoughts to make things in a more efficient manner. To turn to the cultural and linguistic communication barriers he made certain all the group members communicate in our national linguistic communication. Bing the leader he ever led by illustration. He made sure he is proactive in the undertaking and non merely a director. He was ever accessible to all the squad members. He made sure he was updated with all the proficient accomplishments in the market and ever looked to utilize those accomplishments for a better execution of the undertaking. He was rigorous with the clip direction. He monitored and addressed the jobs faced by assorted sections instantly. He even encouraged squad members to upgrade their accomplishments with the latest promotions and besides rewarded them upon successful completion of undertakings. All the above qualities of his motivated the squad members to work harder ensuing in the successful completion of the undertaking.

4.3 Applying theoretical Concepts to Case:

We could happen some leading features from the leader mentioned in the above instance by using the theoretical constructs. They can be explained as followers:

4.3.1 Traits attack:

Harmonizing to Hackman & A ; Johnson ( 2004 ) some set of traits can be helpful to separate the successful leaders from not successful leader ; we can place some traits in the leader of this instance as followers: Interpersonal factors:

The interpersonal factors are aggregation of accomplishment based behaviors like pull offing struggle and single based factors of emotional stableness and ego assurance ( Hackman & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) . In the above instance, it can be shown that the leader has the ability to pull off struggles between the group members and showed the emotional stableness in those state of affairss to avoid any farther effects. Cognitive factors:

Intelligence and job work outing features come under this type of factors ( Sutherland, 2010 ) . As the group had faced some jobs in achievement of assignment, those jobs were solved with his ability of job resolution and with intelligence. Expertise & A ; Knowledge factors:

Harmonizing to Hackman & A ; Johnson ( 2004 ) a scope of proficient factors besides have their consequence on effectivity of leading. In this instance, the leader had learned and made usage of proficient accomplishments to get by up with the jobs associated with proficient troubles which made possible of finishing undertaking. However, deficiency of ability of planning and organizing had created jobs.

4.3.2 Situational attack:

Harmonizing to House and Mitchell ( Cited in Hackman & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) some situational factors and leader ‘s communicating manner control the capableness of actuating followings. There are four types of communicating manners can be discovered: Directing leading, supportive leading, participative leading, accomplishment oriented leading. It can be found from the instance that the state of affairs of dawdling behind agenda in study ( assignment ) readying influenced the leader to follow supportive and manner and as the nature of this, he conducted regular meetings to make clime for interaction which made possible to finish single undertakings. Besides, he asked his followings to convey thoughts and implemented those by esteeming for carry throughing the undertaking, which reflects the participative leading.

4.3.3 Transformational attack

Harmonizing to Hackman & A ; Johnson ( 2004 ) transformational leaders are those who have the features of creativeness, synergistic, airy, authorising and passionate. Some features of leader of this instance can do him as transformational leader ; those will be described as followers: Synergistic:

Transformational leaders should be antiphonal to the demands and motives his or her followings to hold effectual communicating ( Hackman & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) . In this instance, the leader recognized support and motive required for his followings, and so he motivated and helped them to finish their undertakings by the manner of supplying assurance. In contrast, transformational leaders carrying the unfastened communications in which leader promote his followings to portion thoughts ( Hackman & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) . This can be reflected from this leader ‘s encouragement to sharing their thoughts between him and members. Airy:

It is a duty of transformational leaders to pass on their vision to his follower ‘s, vision gives the way to people to be followed and it should be desirable and accomplishable ( Hackmen & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) . From the instance, it can be shown that the leader set the vision of put to deathing good assignment study and allocated the undertakings among the members which gave them a way. The vision of put to deathing good study was desirable to followings as it will assist them to obtain good Markss. With this vision he was able to pull commitment signifier group members and to actuate. Passionate:

Harmonizing to Hakman & A ; Johnson ( 2004 ) transformational leader are extremely committed to their work, they have the ability as they play the function of instigator and their passion inspires others to better public presentation. This can be reflected in this leader from the his committedness to his occupation by playing initiator function in larning needed proficient accomplishments for assignment and his followings motivated by his passion to better their public presentation.

4.3.4 Diverseness:

Harmonizing to Cox ( cited in Hackman & A ; Johnson, 2004 ) diverseness direction aims at doing usage of benefits of diverse work force to manage the jobs occur from people of different back grounds working together. From the instance, as group was combination of experient and in experient members from different backgrounds and technology Fieldss, the leader made use benefit of diverse work force to acquire required information for their assignment. They used English as chief linguistic communication to pass on and discourse issues related assignment as portion of advancing diverseness in the group which reduced the cultural differences up to some extent.

4.4 Lessons learned from the Case:

We can larn some lessons from this instance and they can be detailed as followers: the traits of any leader will lend in the success of squad as in this instance leading traits of the leader helped them to win. Successful leaders must demo the committedness to their occupation which helps in actuating followings to better their public presentation. In contrast, Leaders need to understand the jobs of followings and back up them to finish their undertakings. By following the situational attack, leaders can get the better of the jobs caused by hard state of affairss. In add-on, successful leaders must interact with the followings by the procedure of sharing thoughts and unfastened communicating. Diverseness can be viewed as strength for squads through proper direction which can be found from this instance as the group utilized diverse work force. The followings must recognize their duties and should be supportive to leader in order to any struggles. However, deficiency of planning and organizing has its impact on the leading and public presentation of squad in this instance. There is a demand of competent followings for leaders to go successful, which can be reflected in this instance as the group members have the deficiency of proficient accomplishments and creativeness.

4.5 Factors to be considered:

By carry oning survey on the above instance, it will be identified that there were some facets needed to be addressed. It found that the leader should hold used his power to command the behavior of group members to curtail them to finish their undertakings on right clip which may non be resulted in dawdling behind agenda of assignment. As the nature of administrative factor, leader should hold the good planning and forming ability to avoid job related to disposal. As portion of furthering diverseness, there might be a demand of adult female work force to hold its advantage for better the public presentation of group to some extent. Besides, the leader should hold encouraged and made usage of the creativeness of his followings to give admirable presentation on their study. With the execution of above factors the public presentation of the group would hold enhanced to great degree.


Leadership can obtain many signifiers. We can be a leader at school or in a game. “ Leadership based on evidence-based pattern centres on the painstaking, expressed and wise usage of current best grounds in doing determinations about what we need to make in our schools to guarantee the best acquisition results for our pupils. ” Dr. Ross Todd. I had fantastic chance in the last twelvemonth of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. I and my squad members have to transport out undertaking on 89C51 Microprocessor and Controller during our internship. In the last semester of technology, there were three members in my undertaking squad. As they decided, I was the group leader of that undertaking. We had prepared one Ic ( Integrated Circuit ) , which can programmed several Ic ( Integrated Circuit ) . With the aid of this Ic ( Integrated Circuit ) , we can programmed several Ic ( Integrated Circuit ) and acquire end product harmonizing to our bids.


The ground of the undertaking was to tie in the theory which we had studied in the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in the practical manner. So we can understand all theories which taught by our module of technology. Whatever we learned approximately electrical and electronics parts or elements applications, we had used to explicate our undertaking theoretical account. As our module said, it would be good for us, whenever we join the proficient industry in the hereafter. Fortunately, I got a opportunity to make my internship in D.K scientific industries. As a voluntary applied scientist, I joined that industry. We made 89C51 microprocessor and accountant undertaking theoretical account for the concluding twelvemonth. With the aid of this theoretical account, we can plan several Ic ( Integrated Circuit ) .


For any undertaking success and failure should be depend upon the squad leader. The definition of an first-class leader is changed, after the analyzing communicating and leading topic ” An first-class leader is speedy plenty to allow the undertaking squad members take all the recognition when it goes good but takes all the duty when the undertaking fails. As a leader I learned from communicating and technology topic, to take squad by giving my squad members right way throughA strategic recommendation, scheduling & A ; proficient issues and accomplishing success in our undertaking at the shutting phases. Harmonizing to capable rule, we sat to garner, do scheme and after the elaborate communicating I explained to all my squad members their duties and function sing to undertaking. It was really important to ordered meetings and communicating with squad members, to accomplish our desire end for the undertaking. So it ‘s necessary to give those instructions or advices in a perfect manner or perfect clip and I fulfilled my wish without undervaluing any squad members. We started our work, as per meeting conversations or docket. At the preliminary phase I and my squad members composed from the academic diaries and cyberspace for the undertaking. In the interim other squad members were collected all the electronics and electrical parts from the market place which are required for the undertaking theoretical account. One of squad member designed Printed Circuit Board and another member is implemented and soldered all necessary electrical and electronics parts on the Printed Circuit Board. In a interim I helped and observed my squad members to recognize the job and understanding their work. For an first-class leader it ‘s necessary to acknowledge the squad member ‘s job and do it work out every bit fast as leader can for their undertaking. If leader can non make that, than squad devour all its valuable clip on some superficial job and it will make hurdle in a procedure of the undertaking. Besides I bucked up my squad members ‘ degree of assurance by look up toing their work so they encouraged making better than they had done. Now the work enduring is to make a plan and download that plan through the package. Any small error is capable to inactive our undertaking theoretical account. But I was comfortable, my squad members were really witting while they programming. Finally, I did non confront any non proficient or proficient job.


I personally believe leading can be tough, raging, exciting, dejecting, animating, unsafe, and tiring. I and my squad members started to do plan. The advancement of our undertaking was good. We needed really preciseness to run our undertaking theoretical account in a right manner. We figure out all assorted material, but on an scrutiny twenty-four hours our undertaking did non run. I reload the plan of our undertaking theoretical account, but still showed one mistake. Some malfunction occurred. Obviously, I and squad members worried. At that clip squad members ‘ confidence degree went to decrease for a minute. Finally, we observed and analysis all parts of Printed Circuit Board, Power supply cord and Computer package. Cipher checked the scheduling we used, because everybody rather certain. But I want to do certain it once more and eventually I got the mistake topographic point of undertaking theoretical account. One squad member entered one incorrect binary codification pieces programming. Then I re-program all our undertaking and it run. Finally, we completed our undertaking efficaciously. The all recognition or success of our undertaking went to my squad members and my vision of successful undertaking.



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