Learning English

January 6, 2017 General Studies

Before I immigrated to USA, I believed that I would progress fast in my English when I live in this country because most Americans are native English speakers. But now I’m deeply disappointed. Although I have been living in LA for more than one and half years, my English skills haven’t improved obviously. I almost lose my confidence in my ability to have a good command of English. .

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My son is only four and half years old. He can speak real English even though he doesn’t understand any English grammar rules and can’t write and read any English words. This is because when he speaks English, he simply models native English speakers, such as his instructors and other children in his daycare, without thinking of grammar and words. In contrast, as an adult, I can’t simply model anyone. When I talk with other people in English, I always try to use the correct grammar and choose the appropriate words to form my own sentences. Unfortunately, sometimes my sentences are not real English sentences so that other people can’t understand me. I guess maybe I would improve my oral English quickly if I only model native English speakers without thinking of anything. .

When I read and write in English, I need more time to think. It often leads to my failure in a time-limited exam. I know even if I can read and write better in a long time, I would still be embarrassed by my English abilities when I study and work here. Nobody can patiently wait a long time for me to read and write something. Therefore, I am aware that studying English is the biggest challenge for me now. .


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