Learning Team Reflection Essay

September 21, 2017 Accounting

This past hebdomad. our squad has been traveling over and reflecting on four chief aims. These chief aims are distinguishing between accrual footing and hard currency footing accounting. the procedure of making seting entries. and adjusted test balances. We will besides jointly discourse our sentiments of what would be the most of import accomplishments learned in an accounting place. In conformity to hebdomad three’s aims. I would hold to state that everything that we have gone over is indispensable to our success in future accounting places. nevertheless. we feel that the most of import accomplishment is to be able to accurately enter the influx ( gross earned ) and the escape ( disbursals: public-service corporations. etc. ) of monies.

Accural vs. Cash Basis Accounting Harmonizing to the readings. accrual footing accounting is defined as in which companies record. in the periods in which the events occur. minutess that change a company’s fiscal statements. even if hard currency was non exchanged. In other words. it means that recorded or un-recorded. all minutess are taken and projected into the overall balance.

Cash Basis Accounting footing in which a company records gross merely when it receives hard currency. and an disbursal merely when it pays out hard currency. This means that this means of accounting. merely takes answerability of the physical hard currency that is at a physical location. The differences. Accural is all minutess whether recorded. live. or projected. Cash is the physical monies on manus at a physical location and does non enter net incomes until payments are really made.

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Create seting entries This hebdomad we have been given a batch of pattern on how to make seting entries to fiscal paperss and internal fiscal “memos” ( such as balance sheets ) . There are five types of seting entries: Accrued grosss – doing accommodations to a service that has been performed but non billed. 1. Accrued disbursals – disbursals such as rewards paid to an employee. 2. Unearned grosss – payments for goods or services to be delivered at a hereafter day of the month. 3. Prepaid Expenses – assets that are prepaid and gets used up during the accounting period. 4. Depreciation – procedure of apportioning the cost of an plus. When seting entries are created. they are created in existent clip. These entries are of import so that the net net income or loss and the fiscal place can be established. Fix an adjusted test balance.

Again. we have practiced a batch this hebdomad in being able to successfully and accurately adjust entries in many different fiscal paperss and of class. seting entries in test balances have been some of those paperss that we have worked on. In order to be a successful comptroller. being to be able to successfully set entries in a test balance sheet could be the very life factor in keeping in accountant place. If we are unable to accurately enter a test balance the likeliness of us being able to keep our place as comptrollers is slender to none.


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