Left Brain vs Right Brain Learning Styles Essay

August 11, 2018 Music

Peoples learn in many different ways. but do you of all time inquire why that is. Why are we so different and larn so otherwise? The encephalon is the reply to that inquiry. The encephalon gives us what we need to find what and who we are as people. Because of the human brain’s complexness. professors and instructors are get downing to see that one manner of instruction is non ever the best manner from everyone. “Each child processes new information in ways are related to environmental. emotional. sociological. physiological. and psychological elements” ( Green. 1999. p. 684 ) .

When it comes to the procedure of acquisition and thought. the mean individual has two sides of the encephalon that determines how they learn. The two chief halves of our encephalon are the right encephalon and the left encephalon hemispheres. Each hemisphere performs different maps and communicates information otherwise. One hemisphere is non more of import than the other but they do find how we see things and construe them in our head. With the left encephalon hemisphere. the features are mathematical and analytical and with the right hemisphere the features are more originative and inventive.

The encephalon is really complex to understand. Once we learn how the left side encephalon learns and how the right side encephalon learns. so we can break develop a manner of larning for all types of pupils and people. The left side hemisphere of the encephalon include features such as linguistic communication accomplishments. mathematical constructs. analytical accomplishments. and logic and concluding. Those persons that have this encephalon hemisphere laterality are good with letters. Numberss and words ( Sousa. 1995. p. 88 ) . The constructs of larning for the left side encephalon hemisphere is based on measure by measure instructions.

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A individual who is dominant on their left side hemisphere learns better by holding a program to follow with organisation. Learning facts and work outing jobs are some of the many ways to learn people with a dominant left side. Those people do non wish surprises and they don’t like to larn classs that have no connexion to the existent universe. They tend to desire to cover with things the manner they are in existent life. non in a fantasy universe. Left side scholars are affected by their environment and have a difficult clip accommodating to alterations in their environment.

Some of the other things that left side dominant scholars are good at over the right side is they are better at memorising facts and making custodies on work. They are list people and process things in a additive mode. Everything must be in consecutive order to do things easier to larn. This is why math comes so easy for them because that is all math is a consecutive order of stairss to acquire to a solution. Left side scholars do hold problem showing themselves in words which makes the right side learner more dominant in that country. The right side hemisphere of the encephalon is rather different.

The right side dominant people prefer to detect the possibilities and are good at hold oning new constructs. They are more comfy with abstractions and do non wish classs that involve a batch of memorising and everyday computations. The right side learner normally needs background information before a talk or to hold an abstraction before they read a book or chapter. This helps them better prepare for their category or what they are about to get down. They want to see. experience. or touch the existent object. They have a demand for things to be concrete. non theory.

The right side scholar does non similar repeat unlike the left side scholar. They need to see words and how a expression works in order to hold on the construct of how it works. Creative humanistic disciplines. music. and facial acknowledgment are the dominant parts for the right side scholar. Because they are colour sensitive. right side scholars try to utilize colour to larn sequence. For illustration how to acquire to the food market shop from where they live. They would seek to fit up topographic points and how they looked to where they might necessitate to turn or travel to. It is known as the Artist Brain because it is in charge of originative endowments.

Since both sides of the encephalon are non equal in the manner that a individual learns things. each side serve their intent. For everyone. one side of their encephalon is more dominant than the other but no 1 is merely right side or left side entirely. “When acquisition is new. hard. or nerve-racking we prefer to larn in a certain way” ( Hopper. 2007. p. 2 ) . Both sides of the encephalon are needed to map and communicate with each other through the principal callosum which sends messages back and Forth to each other between the right and left hemispheres. So now that we know that non everyone learns the same

due to the left or the right hemisphere being more dominant than the other for those people. how do we go better instructors to supply a better acquisition environment for both sides. “While encephalon research entirely can’t state us how to learn people. understanding the encephalon leads to bring outing underlying larning mechanisms” ( Worden. Hinton. & A ; Fischer. 2011. p. 10 ) . With this apprehension of how both sides of the encephalon work. instructors and research workers can break train and Teach pupils how to make things based on what side encephalon they use the most. There should non be merely one manner of larning something.

Teachers have a difficult occupation. but with cognition and understanding they can break fit today’s leaders with the right tools to success. In decision. both sides of the encephalon are powerful in their ain ways. The left side hemisphere learn by logical procedure and right side hemisphere learns by more originative ways. With understanding what each side does and how both sides might work together. we can come up with better thoughts on how to learn pupils better for all types of scholars. There is no 1 right manner to learn person something. It is happening that manner to acquire them to understand things that poses as a challenge for us today.

Each side serve their intent and assist each other along the manner. With this apprehension. we can go better instructors for the mean individual to the mentally handicapped. Mentions Green. F. E. ( 1999 ) . Brain and Learning Research: Deductions for Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners. Education. 119 ( 4 ) . 682. Hopper. C. ( 2007 ) . Learning Styles. Retrieved March 3. 2013. from Learning Manners: hypertext transfer protocol: //frank. mtsu. edu/~studskl/hd/learn. hypertext markup language. Sousa. D. R. ( 1995 ) . How the encephalon learns. Reston. VA: NASSP. Worden. J. M. . Hinton. C. . & A ; Fischer. K. W. ( 2011 ) . What Does the Brain Have to Make with Learning? . Phi Delta Kappan. 92 ( 8 ) . 8-13.


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