Legal Drink Age Should Stay the Same

Gabrielle Harris Professor Hartley English 111 10 September 2009 In the article “_Legal drinking ages throughout the world. Should the US lower the age to 18”_, the author asks should America lower its drinking age to 18. I believe the law should not be changed because there will be an increase of school age kids abusing alcohol. 18 year olds’ are typically still high school students, it is still appropriate for them to hang around other high school students. If they were allowed to legally purchase and consume alcohol, they will also buy or give it to their high school peers.

People 14-18 year of age have a higher risk of abusing alcohol because they are new to drinking and do not know how much it too much so many will binge drink. Also around this age their bodies are changing many feel insecure; from the popular kids being worshipped to the others being teased, insecurity can lead to addiction to alcohol. Another link in the chain reaction that will occur if the drinking age is lowered: is there will be an increase of alcohol related crashes amongst teens. The legal age to drive in the U. S is 16; it is easier for a 16 or 17 year old to pass for 18 then 21.

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So if the law changes it will be easier for 16 or 17 year olds to purchase alcohol with a fake I. D. It will also be easier for them to get on the road and drive while intoxicated. This is because at this age they lack proper judgment and rational decision making skills. Also teens are not very experienced drivers and when you add alcohol to the equation the risk of a fatal crashes are tripled. The final reason the minimum alcohol purchase age should not be lowered to 18 is because there will be an increase of teen pregnancy and STDs among high school students. Most high school age kids are already having sex.

If the law is lowered there will be more teens having unprotected sex because alcohol lowers you inhibition. So since many teens do not know or practice proper safe sex habits such as; using condoms there will be an increase STD’s and teen pregnancy. In conclusion the minimum drinking age should not change to 18. If it were there will be more high school age students drinking, which will also lead to more drinking and driving crashes and high teen pregnancies and STD’s. I think there should be state mandated courses in high schools to educate students on alcohol not ust seniors all students. We as a country are not ready to lower the drinking age. I do understand that there are a few responsible 18 year olds that can handle drinking however there are many who do not and the law has to look at the big picture. Works Cited D’Aquisto, Joe. “Legal drinking ages throughout the world. Should the US lower the age to 18? ” 24 August 2009. Examiner. 05 september 2009 http://www. examiner. com/x-14096-Tucson-World-Travel-Examiner~y2009m8d24-Legal-drinking-ages-throughout-the-world-Should-the-US-lower-the-age-to-18.



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