Legalizing Same Sex Marriage in Texas

Legalizing Same sex marriage in Texas There are many reasons why same sex couples deserve the right to have a legalized union in marriage. By denying same sex couples one is violating their religious freedom as well as minority discrimination. It is unfair to say who a person can and cannot marry same sex marriage should be legalized in Texas because no matter what ones sexual preference is, one deserves the right to marry. Religion, medical/health insurance, financial concerns, concern for the children, and parenting issues are some of the reasons why people are against legalizing same sex marriage.

However, these same reasons are reasons why same sex marriage should be legalized. The conservative state of Texas opposes same sex marriages and civil unions. On the opposing end of this even if Americans have a very strong disagreement that same sex marriage should remain illegal denying one same sex couple the right to wed on religious grounds is a violation of ones rights and the right to our country’s commitment of separation of church and state. According to a recent poll from the Public Research Institute, out of all American Christian groups, Catholics are the most supportive of same-sex marriage and/or civil unions: a total of 74 percent expressed support. There are some churches and religious institutions that clearly recognize same sex marriage and uphold the beliefs of same sex couples, Unitarian/Universal Church, the United Church of Christ, The Metropolitan Community Church, Reform, and Reconstructionist Judaism; these institutions recognize same-sex marriage as a part of their religion. (Parson, 2008).

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In today’s economic times, it takes two incomes to live. A married couple (same-sex or opposite-sex) share in the responsibility of rent, utilities, and other bills. So, joining incomes and sharing of the financial responsibilities in a household and supporting one another, offers the children and family unit a sense of stability and community pride. An article in the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated that children growing up in same-sex households have been described as being more tolerant of diversity and more nurturing to younger children than those raised in opposite-sex households. There have been scientific reports that compare the outcome for children with gay and lesbian parents with outcomes for children with heterosexual parents. The results of the reports show that lesbian and gay parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents are. There are organizations that support gay and lesbian rights . The American Association of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the National Association of Social Workers.

There has not been a lot of proof or research to back up the argument however; it has been stated by Stacey and Biblarz that children raised by same-sex parents are not more likely to identify as homosexuals. (National Conference of State Legistration, 2011) Despite the state’s ban, some Texas cities are being recognized for what may seem contrary to its stance. According to the 2006 U. S. Census data, San Antonio, Texas had the highest number of gay couples raising children in the nation; Houston ranked number 4 and the Arlington and Fort Worth area as number 5.

The big questions of will Texas lift the ban on same-sex marriages and civil unions? Or, will Texas lift its state ban against same-sex marriage altogether? Remains to be unanswered. As for now, getting married in Texas and trying to legalize a union or seek to have a union legally acknowledged and/or enforced is just not happening. In conclusion, for those that are pro same sex marriage the assumption is that the central aspect of love, relationship and understanding should override all other issues.

Those in favor of gay and lesbian marriages state that they too have the constitutional right to freedom, happiness and association. Benefits such as family leave and insurance expands a governments hiring pool, improves the workplace satisfaction and opens the workforce up for diversity. Studies show gay same sex employees are happier and perform better as workers when they feel supported. Evidence suggests governments can benefit from creating a work atmosphere in which same sex people feel they are supported as their heterosexual counterparts.

Private corporations are starting to offer same sex benefits more and more. Even when the government does not offer the benefits one may still acquire them. First the employer can decide to offer benefits, second to include antidiscrimination laws imposed by subnational and national governments with jurisdiction over the employer. There is a lot of public support for offering same sex benefits in the Western countries, and the financial cost of is low.

The decision to offer same sex benefits is made by a state or local legislative body. There are some obstacles in the United States, the federal Defense of Marriage Act clarifies that the word “spouse” in federal laws, refers only to a person of the opposite sex, again this is the Federal government not the States. (Astray-Caneda, 2011) It has been reported that according to 40% Fortune 500 companies, are offering same sex domestic benefits. Surveys of American business show that 30% are offering benefits to same sex partners.

Public support does exists, out of 2,300 heterosexuals there are 60% of heterosexual people that believe same sex couples are entitled to the same key benefits as heterosexual couples. (Astray-Caneda, 2011). A 2004 poll showed that 60% of Americans favor some sort of civil arrangement for same sex couples to enter into marriage or a similar union. In addition to benefits the concern of cost comes into play. According to Todd Solomon, statistics show that it is not costly to offer same-sex partner benefits.

Research also shows offering benefits to same-sex cause a cost increase of . 5 %to 1 % and an increase of 2%-3% if opposite sex domestic partners are included. REFERENCE National Conference of State Legislation. (2011). Same-Sex Marriage. Retrieved from http://ncsl. org Parson, D. (2008, March 17). LosAngelesTimes. Retrieved from http://LosAngelesTimes. com Astray-Caneda, E. (2011). Offering Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits to Government Employee: Reasons, Examples, and Methods. Public Personnel Management, 40(2), 89- 100. Retrieved from http://EBSCO host



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