Legislation Pertaining to Rest Homes in New Zealand

  1. Code of Rights Regulation 1996

Code of ( Consumers ) Rights

The intent of the codification is to set up the rights of wellness consumers and the duty and responsibilities of the service suppliers to follow with the codification.

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  • Each person has the right to be respected including his belief, civilization, gender, values, demands, and privateness.
  • One should non be forced to make any thing that are non voluntarily or a client is non comfy of making.

to be able to exert this:

  • Staff should inquire for the clients penchants on which clip of the twenty-four hours he wants to bathe or take a shower
  • The attention and intervention should give a client the sense of self-respect and independency.
    • Treat them as a individual and non merely a patient
    • If client is still capable, affect them in the decision-making of their attention program and intervention
    • Be sensitive in taking attention of them
    • Promote independency by allowing them do what they can make ( Dressing, Bathing )
  • Clients should have the right services they need with high criterion of attention and accomplishments to advance quality of life.
  • Clients should have information in a mode that they can understand and they should be informed about their intervention including the benefits, hazards and likely consequence.
  • Clients has the right to kick about the attention they are having. It should be entertained and given importance.
  1. Health and Disability Services ( Safety ) Act 2001
  • The Act aims to advance safe proviso with consistent and quality criterions in supplying wellness and disablement services to the people. It besides encourages the suppliers of services to take duty in presenting those services to public safely and continuously better their quality of service.
  • Rest Home- provides services to at least 3 people who are frail to advance independency and supply geriatric services


  • The jurisprudence regulates the services provided by an establishment to adhere to the highest criterion of bringing of attention
  • Maintains safe and quality of attention
  • Reduces Safety Risks and jeopardies as attention and installation criterions are clearly defined in the act
  • Defines the degree Accountability for attention workers
  • Since Duties are defined for each attention worker this can be used to mensurate and better their public presentation
  • Promotes re-evaluation of attention being rendered to ease uninterrupted betterment
  • Since Accountability is defined when the demand of a client is assessed, this identifies who in the wellness attention squad is responsible for providing to the demand
  • Through identifying criterions the wellness attention practician can concentrate on deriving competence by cognizing and go oning to pattern her defined duties
  • Through the act the protocols of a certain establishment should be clearly reviewed and continually revised if necessary to supply safe and better quality of attention
  1. Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992

Employer’s duty in guaranting safety to their employee:

  1. Provides a safe work environment and installations for staff safety and wellness
  2. Ensures that any equipment is free from jeopardies exposure and safe to utilize by their employees and decently maintained
  3. Develops exigency processs ( Fire Safety and Disaster readiness )
  4. Proctors and identifies jeopardies ( bing jeopardies or can bring forth possible jeopardies ) and isolate, extinguish or minimise them to guarantee to non do injury
  5. Provides protective equipment and vesture needed to maintain staff safe ( Masks, baseball mitts and goggles )
  6. Proctors staff wellness ( with employee’s consent ) and provides them with information to wellness and safety safeguards and processs including consciousness to being of jeopardy
  7. Records incidents or accidents and investigate to forestall it from go oning once more
  8. Documents and study serious incidents to the Legal Authorities ( Department of Labour ) every bit shortly as the event happens and have a written study of the event within 7 yearss of the incident.
  9. Involves employees to efficaciously take part in bettering the workplace’s safety
  10. Ensures that all employees are trained in safety processs


  • Supplying employees with safe working environment would increase employee’s satisfaction in work therefore the employee can bring forth a good quality of service to clients.
  • An establishment that can supply safe environment to its workers will reflect on the services they can supply to their clients.
  • Promotes employee keeping therefore diminishing staff turnover
  • Promotes a safe working environment and employ sound pattern
  • Creates awareness on Potential hazard in the workplace therefore leting to forestall or minimise such jeopardies.
  1. Human Rights Act 1993

The Act protects the individual populating in New Zealand from favoritism and prohibits torment from sexual and racial facet.

Human Rights Act prohibits favoritism from Sex ( including sexual orientation ) , Beliefs ( Religion and Ethics ) , Marital position, Race, Age, Disability and position in life ( employment and household ) .


  • Protects the person from favoritism so that just quality of services can be acquired by the individual
  • Promotes an environment of trust between colleagues and even worker to employers.
  • Increased productiveness from employees
  • Decreased incidences of staff turnover
  • Increased satisfaction on the employed and the client of attention.
  • Employees will be evaluated based on their competences, makings, and public presentation free from racial, physical, and sexual facets
  1. Privacy Act 1993

– The Act aims to advance and protect the individual’s privateness. This applies by protecting the information gathered, used, stored and revelation of personal information by bureaus.


  • A sense of trust between the person and the bureau is developed
  • The single feels secured that her information is protected and is guaranteed to be safe
  • For clients privateness is kept therefore a sense of security is developed between the patient, the attention giver, and even the establishment
  • Prevents others aside from the employer to derive entree to the persons private information
  1. Health sector criterions and codifications of pattern, and other published criterions

The wellness and disablement service criterions in relation to the “ Code of wellness and disablement Services Consumer Rights of 1996 ” enable consumers such as clients in residential places to cognize about their consumer rights and every bit good as to clear with suppliers of attention about their duties to present safe and efficient results. The criterions covers up to the program and bringing of attention up to the environment where attention is delivered.


  • Care suppliers will be able to show how their care/service and public presentation adhere to the criterion
  • Through the criterion and Code of pattern, Health attention suppliers are educated on what their functions and degree of attention to clients are.
  • Clients and attention suppliers will be educated on the rights covered by Human rights and privateness act mentioned in the criterions and codification of pattern.
  • Care as outlined in the criterion and codification of pattern will be planned, managed, and delivered in the safest, most efficient, and most effectual mode possible.
  • The criterion and codification of pattern will function as a usher on sketching the establishment ‘s policies and processs relevant to care of clients


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