Lego is still playing, but have the rules changed? Essay Sample

August 5, 2017 Marketing

About everyone around the universe knows what Legos are. which surely isn’t because of fortune or coincidence. Lego expanded in to the planetary market long earlier other toys industries were even off the land. The Lego trade name started with simple blocks that snapped together. they create whatever the child’s head could image. The simple plaything is developmental appropriate from yearling through teens. Most playthings on the market cater to a much smaller age group. but non Lego. even grownups have been on record as being fascinated with their Legos ( Etzel ) . How does a little ruddy brick. branded Lego go a multi-billion dollar company with global profitableness? How can they “stay in the game” when playthings are going electronic and licensed? Lego is a family trade name. but can they remain that manner? The History of Lego spans about 100 old ages of the being of a plaything that grew from a little wooden toies in the early twentieth century into the centre of a huge market of plastic edifice bricks that dominated the universe markets for decennaries. It is one of the oldest plastic plaything in the universe. Its fabrication was started in Denmark. but was finally replaced by mills throughout the universe. Today it is one of the most successful plaything and has remained an iconic trade name with a loyal ( sometimes cult-like ) following. The traditional day of the month for the first Lego blocks is 1947. and the playthings have continued to be produced with small break since around that clip ( Mortensen ) .

Even though grownups are known fans of Legos. the companies focus is on the kids. “Our sustainability and duty attempts revolve around kids and our passion for drama and acquisition. Every twenty-four hours we translate these aims into steadfast stairss. so we can assist construct a better tomorrow” ( Morten ) . The original Legos offer an open-ended sense of drama which is of import for kids to be exposed to. There are really few popular playthings on the market today that offer open-ended drama. In about every preschool. simple. and even in-between school in America you will happen a carryall or bin of Lego’s. Teens and immature grownups are utilizing Legos to engineer robotics and create theoretical accounts to travel engineering frontward.

So how as Lego managed to remain relevant in this epoch of electronic and accredited merchandises? While the bulk of Lego merchandises autumn within building plaything. the company maintains a diverse merchandise portfolio. with a mix of accredited and non-licensed belongingss. and different playthings. It is no longer merely the primary colour blocks that lock together. Lego is invariably spread outing. in the hopes of maintains the children’s involvement while animating their creativeness. There are Lego themed sets licensed by Star Wars. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. SpongeBob. Disney/Pixar Cars. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Disney Princesses. and many more ( toysrus. com ) . Lego maintains a strong relationship with licence proprietors such as Disney and LucasArts. and uses many licences on its merchandises. Producing Legos with popular children’s characters helps to guarantee the kids will desire the merchandise. but they will besides play with it when they get it place from the shop.

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The Lego trade name works diligently to keep the safety of their merchandises. which is an of import merchandising point for parents and pedagogues. The foundation of the Lego drama experience is derived from the iconic 2?4 brick. To fulfill the Directive’s demands a individual Lego brick goes through detailed safety certification: an component hazard appraisal. a toy safety study and for quality: an component blessing and a proficient drawing must be present. When you include the cheques for natural stuffs this adds up to 10 checkpoints. In printed signifier. these studies and back uping paperss for a individual Lego brick fill 25 pages. ( Trangbaek ) . Keeping kids safe when playing is an of all time changeless precedence for the Lego. because of this ethic Lego ne’er compromises on the safety of our merchandises. Every twelvemonth Lego continues to put important resources into introducing and keeping the highest degrees of plaything safety. and are committed to bring forthing the highest quality of safe merchandises. In general the bulk of toy production is outsourced to Czech Republic and China.

However. Lego has retained production capablenesss in-house instead than outsourcing to the Far East. concentrating on merchandise quality and invention instead than monetary value ( Jensen ) . This scheme has paid off. with clients turn outing that they are willing to pay a monetary value premium every bit long as the merchandise quality is perceived as high Adding to the Brand ( and net incomes ) Lego has expanded beyond the building blocks to include Lego video games ( for all the popular platforms ) . Lego films. Lego books. Lego dress. and even a LegoLand Adventure subject Parks. The draw of the subject park compared to a typical six flags type park. is the Lego Park is non merely merriment. but educational every bit good. Seems Lego is in every facet of kid amusement. Which is precisely what the direction at Lego wants. With so many different constructs to the Lego trade name. should one run stale. the company will non endure. Another ground why Lego has been wildly successful is because of its handiness. Lego is on every about every retailors’ shelf across the state. From little corner drug shops. to dollar shops. to major alterations like Wal-Mart and Target you can purchase Lego trade name merchandises virtually everyplace. Lego merchandises sometimes come with kids’ repasts at fast nutrient eating houses. Lego besides upholds their quality criterions when it comes to their providers. To advance sustainable supply ironss. the Lego requires all providers and concern spouses to subscribe Code of Conduct. The Lego Supplier Code of Conduct screens human rights. labour rights. wellness and safety. anti-corruption and environment ( Vestberg ) .

Believe it or non. these constituents are merely a part of how LEGO executes on its content selling scheme. Yes. LEGO has a antic merchandise — that must ever come foremost. But it has literally dominated the competition through multimedia storytelling. As a plaything company. no 1 else comes near to what LEGO has been able to carry through with branded content. Although Lego generates direct grosss from its content ( licensing fees for Legoland. Lego sketchs. books. and games like Lego Lord of the Rings ) . the bulk of content is created to back up its concern theoretical account. which is to sell more Lego merchandises. Lego shows us that. like it or non. we are all media companies today ; we all have the chance to pass on straight with our audience. It’s how we choose to utilize that privilege that makes all the difference. Yes. Lego sells toys to kids ( and sometimes grownups ) . but Lego is besides a publishing house. Lego creates and distributes content. similar to any media company in the plaything infinite. but the concern theoretical account behind it is rather alone.

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