Lenin’s Achievements Essay Sample

July 31, 2017 General Studies

Beginning A: Vladimir ilyich ulyanov was a great leader yet the most low of work forces. For his accomplishments in the October revolution. in supporting the foreign encroachers and destructing the Whites. in conveying peace and prosperity. we are everlastingly in his debt.

( A Russian position of Lenin written at the same clip of his decease in 1924 )

Was this an accurate appraisal of Lenin and his accomplishments?

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One adult male with a gun can command 100 without one. ” Lenin. Vladimir Ilich 1917

Lenin was a adult male with rules that tried his best to acquire what he wanted. He had an overpowering personal appeal that hypnotized the people of Russia from 1917 to 1924 when he died. As an experient ex-revolutionary Lenin ruled a Communist Russia with thoughts that he didn’t allow anybody interfere with. Although he had a strong personality and favored seting his pes down. Source A is non wholly accurate. Source a is largely sentiment and wrong fact put together. In my sentiment a great leader can’t be low at the same clip. The October revolution was won most likely because of Trotsky’s little military force. And to destruct the Whites. Lenin had to make war non peace and prosperity.

Most people like for illustration beginning A think that during the October revolution. where the Bolsheviks kicked the probationary authorities out and took power. was let by great Lenin. However the existent adult male behind this was Trotsky. Trotsky led multitudes of armed workers and Bolshevik soldiers and merely kicked out the probationary authorities. This is one ground why beginning A is non accurate. Besides. it is non accurate because it uses the word “humble” to depict Lenin.

A definition of humble: Having a low estimation of one’s ego. Synonyms Modest. Meek. For a individual to go a leader and have the support of one million millions of people in 1917 you must be about the antonym of low and modest. You must demo the people that you mean what you say and you feel that you can make it by yourself. This is what Lenin did. After the Tsar was out of power and the probationary authorities led by Kerensky was in power. Lenin came back and found this as a air current of chance to offer Russia a Marxist authorities. For Lenin to come to power he had to acquire rid of this authorities foremost.

As I mentioned before Trotsky organized and led multitudes of workers and Bolshevik soldiers to merely kick out the parliament. After the probationary authorities was down. Lenin wanted to acquire into power by converting the people. He offered Peace. staff of life. and land. And this is merely what the people needed. What beginning A is stating is that Mr. Lenin was non boasting about his thoughts and his leadership-personallity. nevertheless by seeking to demo the people that he is a great adult male. he contradicted beginning A’s thesis. Lenin promises convinced the people of Russia and he became leader. nevertheless he did non cognize what was in shop for him.

In 1919 WWI Alliess ( France. Britain and the USA ) wanted to acquire rid of communism in Russia because they didn’t want to hold a Communist ally. Besides at this point the White Russians ( Tsarist Russians who want the Tsar back ) attempted to occupy the communist authorities from all sides.

This was called the Russian civil war ( 1918-1921 ) . This onslaught was unsuccessful because the Alliess and all the different white generals attacked at different times while assailing at one time would be easy to get the better of such a little Red ( Communist ) ground forces. Again. many people think it was Lenin that commanded this Red ground forces. nevertheless it was once more Trotsky. Although it was a surprise onslaught that the Whites and the Allies created. Trotsky expeditiously and rapidly arranged and commanded Bolshevik forces. He placed them in strategic places and successfully convinced them that communism was the right manner. The Whites and the Alliess were defeated in 1921. most likely because of the construct of war communism ( seting all resources towards the war attempt ) . What might be surprising is that worlds think that it was Lenin that started this construct. Yet once more dependable beginnings say it was Trotsky who organized this policy. After the licking of the Whites. the Bolsheviks established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. other known as the USSR.

From my research I can reason that beginning A has some sentiment and some really incorrect fact in it. I can reason that Trotsky was the chief adult male in the October revolution. the defeating of the Whites. and war communism. Lenin was the adult male on the dais giving addresss and I agree that he has an overpowering personal appeal. But Trotsky was the adult male with the existent thoughts and a personal appeal that would maintain the ground forces on Bolsheviks side.

Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to larn from one’s enemies. – Leon Trotsky


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