Leslie an Ugly Caterpillar Essay

September 12, 2017 General Studies

Once upon a clip. there was a small caterpillar called Leslie. She was an ugly caterpillar. She was fat and couldn’t walk rapidly. The lone beautiful thing about her was she had gleaming eyes. It was like two reflecting gems. Leslie didn’t live entirely in Neverland. she lived with Bufo the bee. Pincher the locust and Binks the humblebee. But no 1 wanted to be her friend. They ever derided her as an ugly and fat insect. One twenty-four hours as usual in the forenoon she started happening some nutrient in the tree. Leslie wanted to happen green foliages for her breakfast. but she met her friends. Leslie was unwilling to run into them because she did desire to be derided by them. “ Morning ugly Leslie” said Bufo. Pincher and Binks together. They started to deride her. Then Leslie decided to go forth them and tried to happen other foliages in another subdivision. She began walking really easy and their friends pursued her. They derided her once more. “We can wing wheresoever I wan na go” said Bufo and Binks.

“ And I can leap everytime and it doesn’t necessitate long clip to move” said Pincher. “ And what can you make? Your walk is easy. and your work is merely eating. It makes your organic structure fat and can’t walk quickly” said them. Leslie stopped her walk “ Don’t justice me. if you don’t cognize about me. Please halt your derition” said Leslie. Leslie cried and went off. Suddenly Leslie slipped and fell down. In the land there was ant’s settlement. they found caterpillar fell from the tree. They overwhelm Leslie. spot and dragged her to their house. Leslie tried to contend for her life. She would ne’er decease before she changed herself to a beautiful butterfly. She streched her organic structure but she can’t. so many emmets were beside her. She screamed in hurting and asked for aid to her friends but her friends merely looked at her. They couldn’t do anything and they dicided to wing and went off. She was ne’er desperated. she continued to strech until the emmets inattentive and she fleed.

She ran off really rapidly as possible as she could. Finally with all of her sefforts she could fly and was safe from ant’s settlement. Leslie decided to travel on another tree. she couldn’t unrecorded with her friends who didn’t like her. On the manner Leslie cried and complained to God “ Oh my God. I ever pray for you. but why you give me this. I‘m non certain. I can transcend it” complained Leslie to her God. Leslie was angry with the God because the God didn’t attention with her. In her bosom she asked a inquiry why the God predestined her as an ugly caterpillar. Then she saw a darning needle tried to wing. her wings were broken. She tried and tried once more. but she couldn’t. She cried but she couldn’t do anything. Leslie felt clemency with her but didn’t brave adequate to near her. Leslie decided to go forth the darning needle. “ What have I done. oh my God forgive me” said leslie in her bosom. She realized her mistake. She shouldn’t complain to the God. The God had given herb many luxuriou things to her since she was born until now but Leslie even violated the destiny.

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She was lucky because she was safe from ant’s settlement that wanted to eat her and she could wing if she changed into butterfly unlike the darning needle that couldn’t fly any longer. Finally Leslie found her new house in little tree. she could eat the foliages every bit many as she wanted. Then she adult and stopped eating. she became a pupa. after a hebdomad she became a beautifull butterfly with gleaming eyes. She could wing and went back to the old tree for run intoing her friends Bufo. Pincher and Bitchs. They were suprised with Leslie. They didn’t know her. but they knew the gleaming eyes was Leslie’s eyes. All of her friend felt covetous and said sorry to Leslie. They asked Leslie to populate with them in the tree once more and Leslie agreed with their petition. Now Leslie lived merrily and had friends who cared with her.


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