Lesson rationale for micro teach

The importance of hand hygiene in a Veterinary Practice Introduction The lesson aim is to introduce the complex subject of microbial transference and the role that hand hygiene plays. Within the fifteen minutes allocated to this lesson, learners will be involved in a couple of exercise’s that directly relate to hand hygiene and will assist the learner to build on knowledge throughout the session.

The subject has been chosen in part because it is within the tutors subject knowledge and specialism, the subject is also relevant to current media interest due to the increase in hospital acquired infection and the resistance of pathogens to antibiotics, therefore although this presentation is pertaining to Veterinary Surgery protocol, it is very relevant to all medical type establishment and will also be of current interest to many learners including those with no prior medical training.

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Delivery This lesson has been devised to achieve learning that caters for a range of learning styles, the lesson should achieve as equal learning for all learners involved as is possible, the lesson is predominantly student led with some short tutor led areas. To ensure that the objectives can be achieved in the limited time constraints of the sessions, the session must be actively managed by the tutor and learners will need to be kept on track throughout.

Visual aspects – Power point, pictures, glow bright solution Auditory aspects– Tutor led discussion, peer review of practical areas Reading/writing aspects– Learners may take notes throughout the session, handouts given for later recap Kinaesthetic aspect– Practical elements such as carrying out the hand wash The lesson structure Tutor to introduce objectives of the session to learners Objectives ?Identify 2 ways infection transmission can occur ? Identify the importance of hand hygiene in infection control.

Integrate five evidence based hand hygiene methods into clinical practice Objectives will allow learners to understand what they will achieve by the end of the session; this will in turn motivate learners to actively engage in the session, to fulfil the expected learning outcomes. A very brief over view of what pathogens are and how they can be transferred directly and indirectly. Due to the groups of learners involved potentially having minimal prior learning/knowledge in this area an introduction to pathogens and how they may be transferred is required to underpin the importance of hand hygiene.

Integration of hand hygiene into the flow of clinical work – 5 moments of hand hygiene (Adapted from the WHO 5 moments of hand hygiene) Illustrate to learners the need for hand hygiene to be a ‘culture’ within the clinical setting to ensure essential hand hygiene ‘moments’ are not missed. Practical element – learners to rub glow bright over their own hands to identify how effective their own hand hygiene is currently Learners will be informed of what glow bright will identify i. e areas of the hands that have not been effectively cleaned, or have had pathogen transfer since the last hand wash.

Tutor will inform learners that anyone feeling uncomfortable may participate in peer review but not use the glow-bright on themselves. This part of the lesson will highlight to the learners the need for a standardised hand wash protocol without such protocol the standards of hand hygiene vary dramatically from individual to individual. Tutor will demonstrate the standardised WHO hand hygiene alcohol hand gel method, learners will demonstrate this method back to the tutor, and tutor will ensure that all learners are able to carry out this method competently.

Learners need to understand what this standardised method achieves, that all areas of the hand are effectively cleaned, reducing the transient population of pathogens on the hand surface, therefore reducing the ability for these transient pathogens to be passed on to objects and patients. The lesson will end with re-scanning of the hand with a UV lamp to see if areas of glow bright have reduced on learner’s hands. This will allow students to assess themselves on how effectively they feel they carried out the hand clean.

Assessment for learning will occur through the three main practical sessions within the lesson structure. Initial assessment will involve the tutor asking students to state a number between 1-5 as to level of current knowledge of subject, one be low and five being high. Formative assessment will be carried out during the three practical’s this will be peer assessed and tutor assessed. Summative assessment – will not be achieved within this session due to time constraints.



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