Lessons Learned in Intelligence Initiatives Essay

The outgrowth of modern espionage became more rampant during the Cold War and its was an intricate inter-actions between the agents and undercover agents of the United States of America and the and agents and undercover agents of the Soviet Union. The operations of both sides intertwined with one another. ( Cold War Spies. [ cyberspace ] ) . While there are recent developments in intelligence assemblage and information and information sourcing. human intelligence ( or HUMINT ) has ever been a absorbing section of the whole bunch.

This analysis is focused on human intelligence enterprises in general and on the human agent. officer and undercover agent himself in peculiar. Pyotr Popov. the topic of this paper. was the first superior officer from the Soviet military intelligence web to hold been successfully engaged for his services by the CIA. His narrative had been documented by several literary and news-form achievements. One of these plants was written by a former CIA officer himself. Clarence Ashley. who narrated the undercover agent narratives of another CIA agent. George Kisevalter. considered one of the most effectual instance officers in the history of the bureau.

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After the Second World War. the United States began garnering informations and information about the military and other related and allied operations of the Soviet Russia. It was so common to enroll or try to enroll Russian functionaries who were perceived to hold turned against their state. A few had been hired and therefore became undercover agents or secret agents working for US intelligence attempts. Of class. if the activities of these alleged incursion agents or moles were discovered by Soviet governments. they could be capable of prosecution and executing for lese majesty by their female parent state or state of beginning.

The occupation was risky to one’s life and consisted of dramatic bends. hazardous confrontations and nerve-racking force per unit areas which were sometimes intolerable. The fright and apprehensiveness of acquiring exposed. caught and jailed were ever at that place. ( Taubman. Philip. The Uses of Tradecraft. May 23. 1982. Books. The New York Times. July 14. 2009. [ cyberspace ] ) . . If a undercover agent succeeded in his or her operations. he or she became a hero or heroine in the host state. In return. he or she became a treasonist of his or her mother state or topographic point of roots or beginning.

In short. a Soviet undercover agent who worked for the CIA and attained the aim of his assignment would go a hero in the United States. At the same clip. he would go a treasonist. a informer. a Judas. in the state where he was likely born or to which he owed his lineage and ethnicity. The mental and psychological complexnesss that would hold affected the individual and character and image of that undercover agent or agent were. and still are. difficult to conceive of in footings of magnitude and were. and still are. mind-boggling. It would be like eating salt and shouting it was sweet or imbibing sugared juice and clamouring it was acrimonious.

The kineticss and fortunes merely laid down have to be conveyed in order to understand undercover agents. agents. heroes and treasonists. By the way. the hapless cat Pyotr Semyonovich0 Popov who was executed by the Russian authorities in 1960 is the chosen chap in this paper. Popov had the rank of a major in the Soviet spy organisation. For about six long old ages. that is. from 1952 to 1958. he took advantage of his station in the intelligence composite of the Soviet Union. With the majority of informations and information he was able to accumulate. he forwarded most if non all of these to the United States through the CIA.

The intelligence points included the so military capablenesss of the Soviets. their ain espionage system and activities and other of import and important informations as were related to intelligence affairs. It all started when Popov. so under the GRU. the Soviet military intelligence authorization. walked in at the Vienna station of the CIA and offered his services. ( Pyotr Popov. The 1950s. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. [ cyberspace ] ) . The narrative went that the Russian had his first moves in Vienna when he sneakily slipped a missive in the auto of a US intelligence officer.

At that clip. the operations head of the CIA in is Vienna station was one William Hood who besides made an history of Popov and his activities in another book. Hood was a major participant in absorbing Pyotr Popov into the intelligence web of the USA and. of class. of the CIA Popov’s motivations was founded on his deep hatred at Russia for the Soviet development of the provincials in the state. The torment included the household of Popov. With the elements of blood feud inside his bosom and his head. Popov started to happen ways as to how he could tie in and related with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Once indoors. he carried out his spy responsibilities and duties with extreme and evident trueness and fidelity to the state which was so considered an enemy of his ain state. From Vienna. he subsequently on moved to Berlin where he must hold forgotten to recognize Soviet surveillance and security monitoring. He had meetings with US agents and would present really confidential and top secret classified documents. Some scenes in these brushs had Popov basking vodka imbibing flings and good old sturgeon daintiness.

Possibly excited and with intoxicant in his caput. Popov. in those meetings. recklessly gave descriptions of the Soviet military bid organisation. mentioned names of Soviet undercover agents and other delicate points purportedly within the rigorous domain of espionage including narratives about illegal agents whom the Russians employed to infiltrate the United States. It was likely that Popov’s ain personal carelessness paid off. But the pay-off did non redound to his benefit. It became the short-cut to his Hell and. unhappily and unluckily. likely the ground for his ain death.

One such illegal agent was a lady agent trained to irrupt into US intelligence system. She was to run into her hubby who was already stationed and based in America. Popov. in his capacity as a Soviet intelligence officer. tipped off the US agents about the entry of the adult female in American dirt. The notice caused the agents of the FBI to scramble for ways to supervise and listen in on her in New York. Unfortunately. the efforts of the federal undercover agents got detected by the twosome who reported the whole thing to their senior officers after go forthing the state unrecognized.

At this point. it is worthy to observe that the adult female was one time under Popov in East Berlin. Furthermore. it was gathered that the Soviet officers must hold besides been assisted by their ain undercover agent. a Briton working for the Soviets at the clip. who by chance learned that Popov was being used by the CIA The histories of George Kisevalter were highlighted by the fact that he was Popov’s animal trainer. Kisevalter’s engagement in the instance ended when Popov. without the mistake of the former. was captured and later on executed in 1969. ( Popov and Penkovskiy. George Kisevalter. Wikipedia. cyberspace ] ) .

In is interesting to detect that Kisevalter was himself of Russian blood and beginning holding been born in Petersburg. Russia. and. ironically or what. his male parent was a Russian Army weaponries expert while his gramps was one time a Russian finance curate. There have been general negative perceptual experiences about the usage of human intelligence for the simple ground that agents are human. They have feelings. Their motivations are non wholly known. Money or passion or power can be the ground for the spy’s motives. In the instance of Popov. there are lessons to larn.

He was a professional undercover agent. no job. He must hold been a skilled agent and surveillance officer. And. without uncertainty. he was loyal and faithful to the cause and involvements of United States of America as against his place state of Russia albeit his hatred against the latter was borne out of personal retribution. For certain. Popov would non hold stayed with the Central Intelligence Agency for those six long old ages if non for his evident dedication to work. good public presentation and apparent trueness. And yet. the smart cat who was Popov got trapped in the cyberspace.

To sum it up. the lesson that can be learned from the usage of human intelligence ( or HUMINT ) is the human factor itself. In the ordinary class of things. Popov must hold been persevering. efficient and effectual in his occupation committednesss and projects. But human as he was. ennui and humdrum and melancholy must hold taken tolls in the mentality. The hapless Popov. while in German dirt. had his physical and biological demands. The vodka was great and the sturgeon was delightful and a good lucifer. The intoxicant can do a individual chatty.

The spirit of vino or gin or vodka is alluring and sometimes makes people acquire excited. passionate and. unhappily. careless and reckless. Popov was non an exclusion. His unwanted revelations of information and information and other intelligence affairs could hold been overheard. Vodka sometimes makes you experience you speak quietly though you speak aloud. His irresponsible manner of presenting classified intelligence paperss was the tallness of absurdness. In short. he messed it up himself. On top of Popov’s human factor connexion. there were still other human factor elements in Popov’s narrative.

The British agent who was really besides treasonously working for the Soviets was besides a human. He must hold his ain personal homo motivations why he betrayed in favour of the Russians. The FBI agents who panicked after larning the coming of the Soviet lady undercover agent were besides human existences. And they could mistake as any gay sapiens do. Their efforts to supervise the activities of the female agent could hold been calculated into discreet and elusive actions. They could hold done things in some methodological analysiss that would do the surveillance work efficaciously without being noticed. They did non. They failed.

They had their ain oversights. Those are the lessons which can be learned from Popov’s narratives of antic clandestine efforts and escapades in peculiar and from human intelligence sourcing in general. But were at that place truly grounds? The HUMINT technique can be effectual because of human resources which include endowment. accomplishments. expertness. devotedness. dedication. difficult work. diligence and other features under the class of values. right behavior and good behaviour. But these resources of adult male as a member of the carnal land who happens to hold intelligence are susceptible to the influence of the whole environment.

The influence can be bad or can be good. A expression at chances will warrant Popov and his defects. First. because he was merely a adult male. he could hold become world-weary because of the humdrum and everyday character of his occupation. Second. because he was human. he had to look for mercantile establishments or reloading musca volitanss for a rewind. so to talk. Because he was human. he tried Vodka. he got drunk. he became chatty. he got his voice in loud volume in unwraping things which could hold been spoken in mild and tempered mode. The other worlds around had their attendings invited to the noisy Popov. These were the human chances.

And these were non impossible. The point is that whether or non lessons are learned from the failures of HUMINT is non relevant. Humans will be worlds everlastingly. They are non automatons. They can non be controlled by some distant appliances. In decision. the usage of human intelligence in surveillance and espionage will hold the same consequence as it was 1000s of centuries ago. More than two thousand old ages ago. Judas betrayed Christ despite the fact that he was one of the 12 in the interior circle of Messiah. There will be more Judes. Even the most complex familial process can non kill off the Judas in worlds. in us.



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