Let the Zoo Elephants Go Essay

July 23, 2017 History

In Les Schobert’s article entitled “Let the Zoo’s Elephants Go” She discusses how national menagerie is merely abashing itself in the manner that cares for its elephants. She covers how elephants are euthanized for pes jobs that become enfeebling. Which are caused from unequal conditions in which they have been held. She informs us of the demands of elephants and how they may necessitate to walk every bit much as 30 stat mis per twenty-four hours. in a landscape that covers every bit much as 1. 000 square stat mis. and how they are confined to every bit small as 2. 200 square pess.

She informs us of the jobs traveling on in menagerie across the state really similar to this 1. Her chief claim to all of this is that menagerie must alter the construct of how elephants are kept in imprisonment. get downing with how much infinite we allot them. She besides gives us an reply as to how this can be fixed. She says some menagerie.

Some menageries have begun to reassess their ability to house elephants. after deceases of several elephants in 2004. They have begun to direct lasting elephants to a sanctuary in California. And by making this the elephants are booming.

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She makes some dismaying statistics on how life is cut dramatically short for elephants confined in the menagerie environment. That elephants that dice at 39 old ages of age. are decennaries early from their life potency and are shorted o the chance of bearing kids.

She coatings by stating menageries have the chance to get the better of its troubled animate being attention history. The menagerie should make right by the elephants and the populace should demand nil less. My response to this article is that menagerie should see the interventions that elephants receive. This article was a definite oculus opener for me. I had no thought that elephants had such a hard clip accommodating to the life in an enclosed environment. I’m certain I’m non entirely in believing that I ever expected and thought that all animate beings had it better in the menagerie so they would hold outdoors. Having professionals taking attention of them all twenty-four hours every twenty-four hours.

I feel that zoos need to look beyond their bottom line at the terminal of the twelvemonth. and concentrate on the wellbeing of their animate beings. I’ll be honest though. I would be disappointed to happen out that an elephant was no longer at a menagerie to be seen. That’s a high spot for many who go to zoos. But cognizing they are healthier and better off in their ain home ground would ease my selfish desire to see one in individual.

If we choose to take on the function as attention takers for animate beings. We must guarantee that they have every chance to boom and win as if they were out in the natural state. Having every opportunity to populate a long and healthy life.


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