Letter to headteacher regarding school meals

By November 7, 2018 General Studies

I am writing a letter to talk to you about some issues towards the school canteen and atrium and the meals that are served to the students. I have spoken to a selection of your students and I have put together a list of things that could be improved about the way everything is managed. The first issue is hygiene. Hygiene is one of the most important things to consider when preparing and serving food.

A great deal of the students I spoke to mentioned the way the canteen staff handle the food and the general hygiene of the staff. Even I have noticed that their hygiene isn’t up to standards. The staff have not tied their hair back and they even haven’t used a hair net! This is a definite breach of obvious, hygiene rules. Another hygiene problem that many students have complained about is the cleanliness of the plates and cutlery.

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One student explained to me that there is always a fight for clean knife, fork and spoon and another told me about one time their plate still had remnants of the food from the day before! A way of handling these problems is to just check that the staff have their hair in hair nets as well as washing their hands before handling the food. As well as this, you could put a dishwasher in the kitchen to put the dirty plates and cutlery at the end of the day. The next point is supervision.

The way that the students line up is very unpleasant. When the students are hungry, they get boisterous and rowdy. There have been many complaints about others pushing in and the teacher in charge doesn’t do anything to solve this. This is extremely unfair to the students that have been waiting for a very long time to receive their lunch. If you had more teachers supervising different parts of the line, then there will be less barging about/ messing about, less pushing in and more standing still and behaving in the line.

The final point I would like to make is the environment and space of both the canteen and the dedicated seating areas. Although the canteen has a decent amount of space to sit and eat your food, there is never enough space for everyone. One of the most annoying things for many students and myself is when exams are on and the hall is out of bounds so the number of places to sit and eat is very limited meaning some students are forced to stand and eat, which can be very difficult especially if you are trying to eat a hot lunch.

This could be improved by maybe making some classrooms available for sensible students to sit and eat their lunches in peace. If you are worried about the students littering have a teacher in each classroom supervising the students and making sure they clean up the litter before leaving the classroom. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter and I hope you will take these problems and solutions into consideration.


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