Level of Financial Literacy and Job Preparedness

December 11, 2017 Finances

The four stages (inputs, throughput’s, outputs, and feedback loop) in the family resource management model explain how people make financial decisions and develop financial behaviors. This study combined social learning theory and family resource management theory in a way that considers environmental influences that shape where a person currently is in regards to their knowledge, attitudes, and personal characteristics. Social learning theory helps explain the environmental influences college students eave had that shape them into who they are today.

As students learn over the years through social interaction (Bandeau, 1986), they begin to understand and form their values, knowledge, and attitudes about finances. Family, friends, school, community, nation, church and media all shape college students’ knowledge and attitudes over time (Bubble & Sonata, 1993). The environmental influences of parents and educators were focused on for this study because of the great influence they have on college students’ financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors (Alphabet, 1999; John, 1999).

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Parents tend to have a greater influence on students at a younger age (Brown et al. , 1993; Clark et al. , 2005) while educators influence increases as the student becomes older, especially after entering high school and then moving onto college (Harris, 1995; John, 1999). Figure 1 shows the variables of this study. The dependent variables are the financial literacy measures which are the basic money management skills, financial planning skills and investment skills.

These skills determines if graduating students are financially literate enough or not when it comes to Job preparedness by defining the level of practice of students of such skills. Independent Variable Dependent Variable Moderating variable Fig. 1 The Conceptual Paradigm of the Study Statement of the Problem The study attempts to identify the Factors that influence the Financial Literacy of the BIBS-FM Students in Core Jesus College of Digs. Specifically, it sought to answer the following sub-problems.


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