Licorice consisting of licorice ,Rehmannia glutinosa, ,

Licorice and a herb mixture
The composition which contains an extract of at least one selected from a group consisting of licorice ,Rehmannia glutinosa, , Coicis Semen, Hordei Fructus,Acanthopanacis Cortex, Chaenomelis Fructus, and Puerariae Radix as an active ingredient, supply the effects of enhancing skin elasticity, preventing skin aging,improving skin wrinkles and by promoting adipocyte differentiation and lipid droplet formation. These effects can be better achieve when the composition involve a mixture of extract include more than one of them

Liquorice with Chinese herb
?Tricyclic antidepressants mixed with yohimbine (Pausinystalla yohimbe) increases the chance of hypertension. The intake of liquorice together with the Chinese herbal product xaio chai hu tang leads to decrease in the blood concentrations of prednisolone. On the other hand, it leads to a decrease of the concentrations of phenytoin when the Liquorice is mixed with the Ayurvedic syrup shankhapushpi. Moreover, Anthranoid-containing plants senna and cascara, and soluble fibres lead to reduction of the absorption of the drugs.

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