Life And Death In Robert Frosts Poems English Literature Essay

October 3, 2017 English Literature

If one were to inquire Robert Frost the profound significances of his verse form, one would hold gotten the answer, “ If I wanted you to cognize I ‘d had told you in the verse form ( Stoping by Woods ) . ” One of the most celebrated poets of the 20th century, Frost is most celebrated for his usage of vivid images and effort to appeal to the senses through nature. Stoping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is viewed by many to be one of his greatest plant. The brooding temper of the verse form tells the narrative of a traveller basking a speedy halt by a white wood along his journey. He desires to remain, but knows he is obligated to go on on with his travels. On the surface, this is a superb description of the beauty and repose that surrounds the traveller as he is by the forests. If one looks closer nevertheless, one can see Frost has intended a much greater significance. Through the usage of graphic imagination, a lullaby – like rime strategy, and elusive symbolism, Frost is able to pass on his feeling towards decease.

One of the most outstanding and abundant characteristics of this verse form is imagery. Frost ‘s rich descriptions and minute inside informations allow the reader to see the verse form semen to life. The verse form opens with Frost instantly taking the reader to some winter wood far off from civilisation and making a feeling of easiness. The traveller says that the proprietor of the forests will non be able to see him taking the reprieve. The parlance “ To watch his forests make full up with snow ” clearly shows the intent of his fillet so he can absorb the glorious snowfall.

The 2nd stanza helps cement the thought of isolation as the traveller believes his Equus caballus to be baffled as to why they would halt so far off from the nearest farmhouse. “ The darkest eventide of the twelvemonth ” helps farther the show the feelings of winter as the winter solstice falls between December 20 and 23. Frost so follows with a personification:

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“ He gives his harness bells a shingle

To inquire if there is some error. ”

The traveller ‘s ears are met by the sound of pealing bells from the Equus caballus, perchance deducing he was drawing a sled. This noise breaks the silence of the sound of a light air current and the delicate falling of snow. The concluding stanza begins with the traveller regretting that “ The forests are lovely, dark, and deep ” , exposing their wonderful and peaceable beauty. He must regretfully press on with his journey because he has duties to run into, duties to go to to, and many stat mis to travel before he reaches the terminal.

The rime strategy besides lends itself to the temper and helps make a sense and ambiance of peace in the face of decease. All of the lines in the verse form rime with each line in their ain stanza except for the 3rd line in the first three stanzas. Since each line has four stressed and unstressed syllables, it is written in iambic tetrameter ( Gualdoni ) . The terminal rime is like a kid ‘s cradlesong making feelings of peace and repose in the reader, the really same feeling felt by the traveller in purdah near the snowy wood. It shows how calmly the traveller is taking the chance from where he has come to where he must travel. Looking frontward, he finally realizes that he must finish his journey before he can eventually rest in the peace he desires.

Most important in the verse form is Frost ‘s usage of symbolism to show deeper significance behind the nonliteral linguistic communication and rhyme strategy. From the first stanza, one can non defy the effort to happen the existent significance of Frost ‘s words. His spiritual ties are instantly felt when he states:

“ Whose forests are these I think I know.

His house is in the small town though. ”

Frost could be mentioning to the fact that these are God ‘s forests as He is the swayer and Godhead of all creative activity. “ His house ” obviously, must deduce that it is a house of God or church. The following line that raises inquiry is, “ The darkest eventide of the twelvemonth. ” As antecedently stated, it could be mentioning to the winter solstice. Most likely, though, Frost is citing a dark clip in his life that could hold perchance led to the contemplation of decease. The 3rd stanza shows the peaceableness felt by Frost at the clip. The concluding stanza brings more contention but creates a clearer significance every bit good. At this point in his life, Frost realizes that he can ne’er to the full be satisfied unless he continues on with the journey. He understands the duties left to carry through to his household and others around him. He knows that he will non be able to “ rest in peace ” until he himself knows he has reached the terminal of his journey.

While there are many readings to this verse form, all can hold that Frost ‘s usage of imagination, rhyme strategy, and symbolism aid show his feelings towards decease. As Frost one time said, “ Person says ( to Frost ) , ‘why, is poetry a manner of stating one thing and intending another? ‘ Yeah, sort of… that ‘s what poesy is, every bit near as you want to come to it ( Robert Frost ) . ” The manner Frost is able to utilize nonliteral linguistic communication and symbolism through nature aids make Stoping by Woods on a Snowy Evening a pleasant enigma and one of his most well-known verse forms in history.


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