Life Is a Dream Essay

October 11, 2017 Religion

Historical background:

Spain was united after the Moresque business ( 711-1400s ) . However. it besides left Spain as a cultural human dynamo in Europe which was still mostly mediaeval in fifteenth century. Spanish philosophers and bookmans exerted strong influence and their craftsmen were good known across Europe.

Ferdinand and Isabella united Spain and by 1492 expelled the Moors wholly form the state. They were determined to Christianize Spain and instituted the Inquisition to run down and punish heretics/in add-on to the Moors tey expelled all the Jews from the state.

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Influences from both the Moors and Catholics are apparent in the Spanish play: Moresque heritage in the attitude towards adult females and award ; Catholic influence-religious religion and doctrine-God and church.

Spain was the dominant universe power for about two centuries-1492 enlargement and business of many lands in America. Africa parts of Europe-Portugal. Sicily. Netherlands. This gave the state a sense of stableness. assurance. energy-also evident in the theatre.

Religious drama-auto sacramentale- were highly popular and performed on a regular basis even after they had become disused in the remainder of Europe. Professional companies were organized for this purpose-best authors were hired to compose them. They were produced on carts ( carros ) approximately 16 pess long and 36 pess tall-thus holding two degrees.

Finally they used 4 carros as a lasting stage-actors were reharsing for a long clip and were showing for the metropolis council before the public presentation could acquire approved for the populace. Autos were performed for 200 old ages until the diminution in mid 1700s

By the terminal of the 16th century-several dramatic geners appeared

Comedia-3 act play or comedies.
Cape and Sword-about lowly gentlemen and Cuerpo ( Noise ) about male monarchs and fabulous characters. saints-actions in distant topographic points.

Lope de Vega

One of the most celebrated and fecund playwrights-a Lord. soldier. man of affairs. lover and eventually a priest. He wrote over 1600 dramas some-450 have survived. Often compared to Shakespeare. he did non hold the deepness and penetration into human nature-he preferred to stop dramas with happy endings-looking at the positive side.

Pedro Calderon de La Barca

Write about 200 dramas of which a 100 survived. He wrote “Cape and Sword” comedies-love trigons that are merrily resolved. He besides wrote serious dramas about green-eyed monster and award. Most famously he wrote a figure of autos-his were the most popular and the signifier declined after his decease.


A philosophical fable about the human state of affairs and the enigma of life. It is a tragi-comedy-has elements of both. All major characters suspended between different duties-promises and outlooks of what is to be done.

Clotaldo has a responsibility to kill anyone who sees Segismundo but besides can non kill his ain daughter—as his responsibility is to protect her. Sgismundo kills his assistants the Rebels as he has a responsibility to the land. As in a classical comedy everyone gets married at the terminal but the twosomes are unusual or unexpected-Segismundo marries Estrella alternatively of Rosaura-she marries Astolfo as he has ruined her award.


Dreams to theater as theatre to life

Dreams to life as life to afterlife

Basilio is rebuked in the drama as he wants to happen out his fate-only God knows your destiny.

Womans were allowed on phase from the terminal of the sixteenth century. Cross-dressing was forbidden so Rosaura appears as a half-monster-half-male. half female vesture.


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