Lightscribe technology


LightScribe is an optical phonograph record entering engineering that uses specially coated recordable Cadmium and DVD media to bring forth laser-etched labels with text or artworks, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable phonograph record.

The LightScribe method uses the optical maser in a manner similar to when field informations is written to the phonograph record ; a greyscale image of the label is etched onto the upper side of the phonograph record. In the beginning, the phonograph record were available merely in a sepia colour but today are available in many colourss.

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The intent of LightScribe is to let users to make direct-to-disc labels ( as opposed to stick-on labels ) , utilizing their optical phonograph record author. Particular phonograph record and a compatible phonograph record author are required. Before or after firing informations to the read-side of the phonograph record, the user turns the phonograph record over and inserts it with the label side down. The thrust ‘s optical maser so etches into the label side in such a manner that an image is produced.


LightScribe was conceived by Hewlett-Packard applied scientist Daryl Anderson and brought to market through the joint design attempts of HP ‘s imagination and optical storage divisions in 2004. Anderson is no longer actively associated with Lightscribe.

It was the first direct to disc labeling engineering that allowed users to laser etch images to the label side of a phonograph record. DiscT @ 2 engineering had been on the market since 2002, but DiscT @ 2 allowed users to fire to the fresh part of the informations side of the phonograph record. In 2005, LabelFlash became the chief rival for LightScribe.

Mode Of Operation

The surface of a LightScribe phonograph record is coated with a reactive dye that alterations color when it absorbs 780nm infrared optical maser visible radiation. The engraved label will demo no noticeable melting under exposure to indoor illuming for at least 2 old ages. Optical media should ever be stored in a protective arm or instance that keeps the information content in the dark and safe from abrasions. If stored this manner, the label should last the life of the phonograph record in real-world application.

LightScribe labels burn in homocentric circles, traveling outward from the centre of the phonograph record. Images with the largest diameters will take longest to fire.

LightScribe is monochromatic, ab initio a gray etch on a gold looking surface. From late 2006, LightScribe phonograph record are besides available in assorted surface colourss, under the v1.2 specification. The etching is still in sunglassess of Grey.

Currently it ‘s non possible to replace a LightScribe label with a new design, but it is possible to add more content to a label that is already burned.


The centre of every LightScribe phonograph record has a particular codification that allows the thrust to cognize the precise rotational place of the phonograph record. This in combination with the thrust hardware allows it to cognize the precise place from the centre outwards, and the phonograph record can be labeled while whirling at high velocity utilizing these mentions. It besides serves a secondary intent: The same phonograph record can be labeled with the same label once more, several times. Each consecutive labeling will darken the inkinesss and by and large produce a better image, and the consecutive Burnss will be absolutely aligned.


Particular storage safeguards are necessary to forestall LightScribe phonograph record from melting. HP ‘s LightScribe web site warns users to “ maintain discs off from utmost heat, humidness and direct sunshine ” , “ hive away them in a cool, dark topographic point ” , “ usage polypropene disc sleeves instead than PVC arms ” , and besides notes that “ residuary chemicals on your fingers could do stain of the label image ” . Such chemicals include common manus lotions and hair attention merchandises. Users non detecting these safeguards have reported LightScribe phonograph record to go visibly faded within two months in the worst instance. This drawback makes the engineering unsuitable for applications affecting uninterrupted handling, and for such popular utilizations as auto music digest phonograph record which typically have ineluctable high exposure. Since many phonograph record participants present internal temperatures significantly higher than room temperature, LightScribe phonograph record should besides non be left in phonograph record participants for long periods of clip. These drawbacks are nevertheless strictly superficial ; they do non impact the information stored upon the phonograph record.

Lightscribe phonograph record may organize a seeable white pulverization coating. This is due to crystallisation of some of the label-side coating. It is non harmful and can easy be removed with a water-dampened fabric. Wiping the phonograph record with a moist fabric does non harm the inscribed label. At this point, LightScribe support has non explained which conditions lead to this reaction, nor the safeguards that can be taken to avoid it.

Multiple Lightscribes of the same image additions contrast, but the image quality decreases with consecutive Burnss. Noticeable contrast fluctuations are seen in solid sunglassess.

Unlike printed discs or disc labels, Lightscribe is unable to label in colour.

Other Uses

Of involvement is that the attendant multiple burn image is dark plenty to demo through the phonograph record when border lit. This could be utile for exposing exposure in concurrence with a green or white LED.

Another interesting alteration is to put the burned phonograph record label side down onto a light-sensitive PCB and expose the ( CDR ) side to UV visible radiation, bring forthing a PCB for the cost of a lightscribe phonograph record and the clean PCB stuff.



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