Linda A Wife With Asian Characteristics English Literature Essay

October 9, 2017 English Literature

In the book Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Linda is introduced as a homemaker of the mentally unstable Willy. As the narrative progresses, her character is molded as a inactive and emotional married woman who would make anything and everything for her hubby. She would make all the house chores, maintain path of the family disbursals and seek to maintain the household together. These features are similar to the features of an Asiatic married woman as it has been stereotyped that Asiatic married womans are household oriented and have great regard for their hubbies.

Majority of the Asiatic married womans are homemakers as ascertained so and now. They are in charge of the family jobs like cookery and cleansing. It is non natural for a married woman to reason or talk-back to their hubbies. Even at the really beginning of the drama we can see the traits of an Asiatic homemaker in Linda. When her hubby comes place she greets her hubby with the most loving cordial reception she can and gives what of all time her hubby wants. During their conversation we can see that Linda is ever at place taking attention of things while patiently waiting for her hubby. She is in charge of her their child ‘s public assistance and knows everything that has been go oning at place.

Linda tries her best to keep the bond of her household by first, making her responsibility as a homemaker. She would cook delightful repasts that are preferred by her hubby, clean up up the house for the comfort of the household and maintain everything found in the place in a perfect status. This is apparent when she had an inherent aptitude to clean the flowers she knocked off. It shows how she is ever used to cleaning the muss around the house.

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She even helped Willy in some fiscal issues, like reminding him how much was spent and how much is needed to be paid. This is besides a feature of Asiatic adult females. Particularly in China and India, the adult females are ever in charge of the family disbursals. Just like how Linda keeps path of her family disbursals and loans. Another outstanding feature of an Asiatic married woman is her relationship with her hubby. An Asiatic married woman has this firm love and trueness to her hubby. Even during the most distressing times, like fiscal crisis or wellness concerns she would ever be by her hubby ‘s side. Sometimes the trueness of the married woman to her hubby goes beyond her love for childs. The married woman would instead remain in her hubby ‘s side so travel unrecorded with her grown-up boies or girls. These Asiatic features were amplified by Linda.

Linda loves Willy. She would conceal the defects of her hubby and see him as the best individual in the universe. It is known as a Asiatic feature that wives would look-up to their hubby with such high respects. informant in act one Linda says “ Willy, favorite, you ‘re the handsomest adult male in the universe – “ As we can see in the conversation in act one when Linda said that, Linda would ever speak about the good side of her hubby even if it means stating fantasy things than the world. That includes stating that he is the most fine-looking adult male in the universe. It shows Linda ‘s high respect to her hubby.

Another characteristic about her is her passivity in reasoning against her hubby. She would listen to what her hubby has to state. She would non kick even if her hubby is being unjust. This is another feature of an Asiatic married woman, she would let her hubby to snap away her right to talk and non acquire angry at him. Alternatively she would esteem her hubby ‘s wants. As seen in act one pages 64 – 65, Willy was shouting to Linda to halt disrupting the conversation and would non let her to voice out her ideas. Linda merely keeps quiet and did non keep scores against his want. This feature is besides seen in most Asiatic states like China, Japan and Pakistan. Particularly in China, the married woman would ne’er oppugn her hubby ‘s opinion. She would even walk behind her hubby and maintain her caput down.

Linda would ever remain by her hubby side through the adversities of life. This is another feature of an Asiatic married woman. Because the Asiatic married woman has allowed her hubby to be the supplier of her demands. She can non back up her ain ego. Therefore, she would ever remain by her hubby ‘s side knowing that every bit long as he is at that place, there is hope. In return she will supply the hubby with her unconditioned love and support. Another position most outstanding is for the ground that her hubby is supplying her everything she needs in life. So even after Linda found out that her hubby has a instance of mental unwellness, she is still there promoting him that everything is alright. She would besides seek to make everything that will delight her hubby.

It has been noticed that Linda has seen and recognized what of all time has been go oning but she does n’t oppugn her hubby about it. She noticed that Willy was concealing a gum elastic hosiery which seemed like the right length for perpetrating self-destruction but Linda merely kept quiet. Very frequently, Linda talked severely to her boies but seemed to be really patient and sympathetic with her hubby. Whenever her boies would knock Willy, she would state that “ he ‘s merely a lonely small boat looking for a seaport. ” It seemed like she had alibis for everything. Harmonizing to Willy, being great meant that you are liked by other people. He wanted to be great. Linda did n’t state anything against his beliefs either.

Linda believed that if her boy Biff would eventually be stable with his occupation and life, Willy would n’t be that disquieted and troubled. She wanted her boies to carry through the dreams of their male parent. Linda besides thought that freedom means being debt free. That is likely why she ever reminded Willy to pay off their debts. Linda ne’er allow anyone recognize that she had her ain emotional jobs and decided to maintain her feelings to herself. In the terminal, Linda ends up going lonely.


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