Literary Analysis Of Beowulf English Literature Essay

October 20, 2017 English Literature

Ever sense the beginning of clip there have been heroic narratives about heros and brave leaders who take down evil and convey peace to the people they protect, Beowulf is no different from this. Beowulf is an heroic narrative that relates good to the clip that it was introduced by holding the narratives of the heroic poem conflicts and the lickings of the unreliable monsters that kept everyone entertained during this epoch. Not merely does Beowulf stand for the epoch good but it besides has really interesting characters, subjects and symbols that help learn us lessons that are really much so needed in today ‘s society. Beowulf teaches us bravery, it shows us characters such as Beowulf himself that are true to his word and self-confident, and it besides shows us symbols that give an image of God and the hope that he brings to the people that believe in his word.

When Beowulf arrives to the land of the Danes, every bit shortly as they dock and get off of their ship Beowulf shows his bravery immediately by taking the lead and explicating to the guards that watched out for plunderers and enemy ships nearing who they were and where they were from so that they may progress to the Heorot which he had heard much about. After they get inside Heorot Beowulf truly shows his bravery when he tells Hrothgar about all of the victory he had when he was younger and how when he heard of their job with Grendel and how he planned to be a lucifer for him so that he could be the one to convey peace back to Heorot. “ The intelligence of Grendel, hard to disregard, make me at place: crewmans brought narratives of the predicament you suffer in this legendary hall, how it lies deserted, empty and useless one time the eventide visible radiation hides itself under celestial spheres dome. [ aˆ¦ ] Now I mean to be a lucifer for Grendel, settle the result in individual combat. ” ( 410 – 414 & A ; 425-426 ) He besides explains how he is n’t afraid of decease because if he is traveling to decease it will go on whether he wants it to or non and by making this he gives king Hrothgar peace by cognizing that he is brave plenty to take on this challenge and non be afraid by the panic that his people have been confronting for the last 12 old ages. “ whichever one decease hides must hold it a merely judgement by God [ aˆ¦ ] Fate goes of all time as destiny must. ” ( 440-441 & A ; 455 ) .

Not merely is Beowulf highly brave but he is the cast that hero ‘s theoretical account themselves after he is baronial, true to his word and his unquestionable trust in his accomplishments. When Beowulf gets to Heorot and they begin to banquet Unfearth goes up to Beowulf and inquiries the race that he and Brecca had in the ferocious unfastened sea stating that no affair what he had done before that he would non be able to get the better of Grendel because many great warriors had come before him and his destiny would be no different, nevertheless Beowulf has trust in his accomplishments that God has graced him with merely as he did when he raced Brecca in the unfastened sea. “ The truth is this: when the traveling was heavy in those high moving ridges, I was the strongest swimmer of all ” ( 532 – 534 ) . By Beowulf stating this he is allowing Unfearth cognize that now every bit good as when he raced Brecca he is the best and will non be beaten. Beowulf so begins to dispute Unfearth ‘s accomplishments by stating if he was truly every bit brave as he has been stating he is so Grendel would n’t be able to acquire away with killing all of Hrothgar ‘s people and that Beowulf will demo Grendel different and that he will demo him his accomplishment. “ He knows he can tread down you Danes to his bosom ‘s content, humiliate and slaying without fright of reprisal. But he will happen me different. I will demo him how Geats shape to kill in the bosom of conflict. ” ( 599 – 603 ) Beowulf by stating this is demoing that he has great assurance in his accomplishment as a warrior and that he make what Unfearth has been unable to make, which is free Heorot of their load of Grendel. Later in the narrative Grendel appears in the dark to eat the organic structures of the soldiers that are in the center of their slumber inside of Heorot and Beowulf is waiting for him to make as he said he would. After their conflict Grendel had been beaten by Beowulf “ Grendel was driven under the fen-banks, fatally hurt ” ( 818-819 ) by get the better ofing Grendel Beowulf was true to his word and accomplished what he had set out to make “ The Geat captain had boldly fulfilled his self-praise to the Danes: he had healed and relieved a immense hurt ” ( 827 – 829 ) .

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Beowulf has many things inside the narrative that a symbolic of God and how he can present us from our devils, or Grendel in this instance that invariably torment us and do us depress in our mundane lifes. When Beowulf is at the banquet when he arrives at Heorot he is sitting at a bench when the helming adult female came by to give him a drink “ with measured words she welcomed the Geat and thanked God for allowing her want that a Jesus she could believe in would get to ease their afflictions. ” ( 625 – 628 ) When she tells him this it gives a sort of Godly presence to Beowulf that he is their savior and he will alleviate them of their evildoing that is Grendel and his homicidal ways. In the beginning of the narrative it talks about how a leader will come one twenty-four hours that would be set apart from others that had come before to present the Danish people from all their jobs. It besides states that the shield was still alive when it was the adult male ‘s clip to travel into the Godheads maintaining. “ Shield was still booming when his clip came and he crossed over into the Lords maintaining. ” ( 26 – 27 ) This is symbolic of how the shield is God ‘s word and God ‘s protection over us how when we have it with us in our lives we will be taken by him when our clip comes to pass infinity in his land. Another interesting symbol in the narrative is Grendel the narrative frequently refers to him as “ God-cursed ” ( 711 ) which is similar to the Satan who was banished and cursed for the remainder of infinity merely as Grendel was as he was ever populating in torture and all that would ease him is the hurting and agony of others such as when he arrived at Heorot and saw all the work forces kiping at that place. “ aˆ¦ his hilarity was diabolic, visualizing the mayhem: before forenoon he would rend life from lib and devour them ” ( 730 – 732 ) Grendel enjoyed doing wretchedness in the lives of the Danes much like the Satan enjoys seeing enduring in our lifes.

Beowulf is an astonishing narrative that teaches us bravery, it shows us characters such as Beowulf himself that are true to his word and self-confident, and it besides shows us symbols that give an image of God and the hope that he brings to the people that believe in his word. Whether its bravery or merely learning us to believe and swear in God through any evildoings that we encounter in life Beowulf can learn us many valuable lessons that can assist do us better people.


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