Literary Comparison The Religious Feign English Literature Essay

Religion is frequently a sensitive topic when brought up for treatment. In “ The Tell- Tale Heart ” and “ A Good Man is Difficult to Find ” , the writers tie in the subject of faith throughout each narrative. Each of the writers explores certain spiritual constructs or beliefs to let the readers to construe their significances on an single footing. The old adult male ‘s attention taker and the Misfit do non incorporate into society. Through the chief characters ‘ paranoia and spiritual ardor, the old adult male ‘s attention taker and the grandma, create and spread out their quandary which finally lead to their ruin.

In “ The Tell-Tale Heart ” the writer, Edgar Allan Poe, writes about a huffy adult male who claims that he is non insane and that he is traveling to state us a narrative that proves that he is excessively cagey to be a huffy adult male. The narrative starts off with the storyteller stating the audience that he has a disease but instead than hindering him, it really makes his sense of hearing ague. The storyteller feels vexed by the oculus of the old adult male and it makes him uncomfortable every clip the storyteller lays eyes on it. For seven yearss, he observes the old adult male while he sleeps. The storyteller can non kill the old adult male since he has no scores against the old adult male, merely his oculus. On the 8th twenty-four hours when the storyteller is detecting the old adult male, he wakes up and the storyteller must take action to see that he is non caught.

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In “ A Good Man is Difficult to Find ” the writer, Flannery O ‘ Connor, writes about a household and their grandma who decide to travel to on holiday alternatively, because the grandma points out that the Misfit is headed to Florida, she is seeking to maintain them from making their finish. The grandma convinces the household to venture to a plantation she one time visited. She realizes that she made a error about the plantation ‘s location and their cat gets out of its coop and causes Bailey to crash the auto. After the auto clang three gunman caput towards the auto. The grandma realizes that one of the gunslingers is the Misfit. She spends the remainder of the narrative seeking to convert the Misfit that he is a good adult male, even interjected God into their conversation. When the other two gunslingers come back from the forests after killing the remainder of the household, the grandma tries to convert the Misfit into non killing her. In the terminal she ends up being shot in the chest three times.

The old adult male ‘s attention taker and the Misfit do non hold a sense of belonging within society. For illustration, the old adult male ‘s attention taker believes that he is highly intelligent as he can acquire off with the perfect slaying. He recognizes that lunacy is stupidity, and he ever wants to look smart which explains why throughout the narrative he is ever seeking to convert the reader that he is non huffy. The Misfit was punished for offenses that he ne’er committed. After being punished, the Misfit has a sense of exclusion from society. The Misfit decides to perpetrate offenses in order to do up for what he lost from being punished. In society, there are many instances people that were in gaol and after being released, they felt that they did non cognize how to incorporate back into society. After being released from gaol, many people experience an accommodation curve. For illustration, engineering is ever altering and if person was in gaol for many old ages, they could see new signifiers of engineering when they are released. These new signifiers of engineering can frequently take to a sense of confusion and privacy from society.

Along with a sense of non belonging in society, the old adult male ‘s attention taker and the grandma have a sense of paranoia. For illustration, the old adult male ‘s attention taker has this sense of paranoia every clip he looks into the old adult male ‘s bad oculus. He lives with this paranoia and is looking for a manner to stop it. This paranoia is what leads him to kill the old adult male. In the instance of the grandma, her paranoia comes from actively seeking to forestall hurting. The narrative references, “ Here this chap that calls himself the Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed toward Florida and you read here what it says he did to these people ” ( 1031 ) . The grandma was so focussed on forestalling hurting that she ended up doing the most hurting to her household. Peopless ‘ beliefs, no affair how good intentioned, can finally take to their ruin because they end up making jobs that ne’er truly existed in the first topographic point.

In “ The Tell- Tale Heart ” the old adult male ‘s attention taker equated the old adult male ‘s oculus with God because the storyteller felt that the oculus could see through him. By projecting God onto the old adult male and killing him, basically the storyteller kills God. By killing God, he killed decease and clip ; nevertheless he besides killed his judger which is besides his audience. In a manner the storyteller takes God ‘s topographic point because there is no higher power. The narrative references, “ I paced the floor to and fro with heavy paces, as if excited to fury by the observation of the work forces – but the noise steadily increased. Oh God! What could I make? I foamed – I raved – I swore ” ( 1113 ) . Even when the storyteller kills the old adult male, which in his eyes is really God, he still becomes overwhelmed by his paranoia.

In “ A Good Man is Difficult to Find ” the Misfit does n’t wish the thought of God. The Misfit disobeys the regulations of society trusting that God will acquire him for his bad ways. The Misfit rationalizes ideas by seeing the cogent evidence. He wants to cognize now but he can non when it comes to God. The Misfit believes that if there truly was a God so he would non be able to kill people. While the Misfit can non convey back the dead, he does hold a Christ composite. The grandma uses God and faith to seek and speak the Misfit out of killing her even up to the point when she gets changeable. The grandma has a shallow belief system. The narrative references, “ ” She would hold been a good adult female, ” The Misfit said, “ if it had been person at that place to hit her every minute of her life ” ” ( 1041 ) . The grandma ne’er truly focused on the good in the power of God until she tries to utilize it to maintain herself from being killed. As the quotation mark references, if she would hold had a gun pointed at her caput mundane so possibly she would hold started to believe in the power of God and what he could hold done for her. In each narrative, the old adult male ‘s attention taker and the Misfit both believe that they can play God and in the terminal both narratives end up with no God presence. For the old adult male ‘s attention taker, he ends up killing God, while the Misfit merely believes that God does non be because he would non be able to kill people if there was a God, this means that by the terminal of these narratives God does non be in their heads. If God does non be so the characters do non hold to reply to anyone.

Within the sense of faith lies an thought of grace. The job with grace is that as worlds, we can non needfully wrap our custodies around a true definition of grace. This is due to the fact that each individual is alone and interprets one ‘s ain grace in your ain manner than that of another independent head or individual. Within narratives, the caretaker and the Misfit both effort to take destiny into there ain custodies based off their old perceptual experiences of world. They both had this thought that they were above God, and able to take their ain beliefs and what they thought was right, and make a new ideal life for themselves. At the same clip, the grandma, who has Christian ethical motives, attempts to convert the Misfit that he should make what is right and pray, alternatively of making what she thinks is morally incorrect. “ ‘Pray pray, ‘ the grandma began, ‘pray, prayaˆ¦ ‘ ” ( 1039 ) . By making this, she is taking the thought that her impressions of the existence and grace are right and that everyone else should finally hold. In other words, she is stating the Misfit what he should make in order to do things right in his life. She does in fact believe that he is a good individual, but still has her ain sensed thought of the existence and faith in which she believes is finally true for everyone else in the universe.

Ramifying from the thought that everyone has a alone construct of an ultimate world is the thought that society molds what we can and can non make. In a manner, society, the authorities, and Torahs mold what people can and can non make which sometimes leads to what they believe in. To travel even deeper, our Torahs are extremely influenced by Christian ethical motives, and what Christians believe is right and incorrect. The Misfit keeps denying God from his life and making what he believes is right, but is still being criticized for being a bad individual. The Grandmother attempts to convert him in the novel that through supplication and Jesus, he will be able to repair this life that he had gotten himself in to. By killing the old lady in the terminal, the Misfit proves that no affair what society tells him is right or incorrect, what an old lady tells him, or what a adult male overlooking the universe wants him to make, he will non travel against what he believes and what he believes is right. The Misfit is in control of his ain fate.

Argument over spiritual constructs has ever created tenseness between people. Both narratives had a major subject of faith spread throughout them. The writers explore certain spiritual beliefs to give the readers the option to construe their significances on an single footing. The old adult male ‘s attention taker and the Misfit do non incorporate into society, although they attempt to suit into society. The attention taker and the grandmother lead themselves to their death through their paranoia and spiritual beliefs by making jobs out of thin air. The attention taker and the Misfit commit these offenses warranting them with spiritual beliefs even though in each narrative God is non present in the terminal, hence the “ Religious Feign ” .



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