Literary Elements in the Scarlet Ibis Essay

July 19, 2017 General Studies

In “The Scarlet Ibis. ” James Hurst uses the facet of nature in the scenes to reflect when the tone transposes from a sorrowful and sorry tone to a more hopeful and joyous tone. Brother reminisces of a summer that has long since passed. as he sits in the house he was raised in: “It was in the clove of seasons. summer was dead. but fall had non yet been born. that the ibis lit in the hemorrhage tree. The flower garden was strained with decomposing brown magnolia petals andiron weeds grew rank amid the violet phlox.

The last cemetery flowers were blossoming. and their odor drifted across the cotton field and through every room of our house. talking quietly the names of our dead. ” With this. the writer uses the natural scenery of a deceasing garden in the passage of seasons to put a tone of unhappiness. He illustrates a garden with decomposing flowers. a graveyard’s last flowers blooming and their odor being carried to where Brother is. reminding him of the dead.

Hurst uses the natural elements in the scene to paint a glooming and blue scene. he could hold expressed what he saw and smelled from his garden in many ways. yet he chose to picture this garden deceasing. Furthermore. this was done to bespeak the tone in this memory. which is one of unhappiness. Furthermore. merely as the writer uses deceasing scenes to reflect a sorrowful and drab tone. he besides uses beautiful scenes to reflect a joyous and hopeful tone.

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Brother describes his and Doodle’s clip shared in Old Women Swamp. a topographic point he refers to as the lone beauty he knows: “I would garner wild flowers. wild violets. honeysuckle. xanthous jasmine. snakeflowers. and waterlilies. and with wire grass we’d weave them into necklaces and Crowns. We’d bedeck ourselves with our handicraft and loll about therefore beautified. beyond the touch of the mundane universe. ” Furthermore. Old Women Swamp is a topographic point found beautiful to both Doodle and Brother. a topographic point where they go to play and loosen up.

About all of the joyous and hopeful times that Doodle and Brother portion happen in Old Women Swamp: the first clip Doodle stood where they go to put and state narratives. and where they imagine they will construct a house and live in together. The writer one time once more uses the scene to reflect the tone ; Hurst uses the copiousness of beauty found within Old Women Swamp to demo the hope and joy Doddle and Brother sometimes shared. Furthermore. as Brother remembers these times he does so in a joyous and hopeful tone. To them Old adult females swamp signified beauty and a universe of ceaseless possibilities.

Furthermore. all the scenes that take topographic point in Old Women swamp are of felicity and hope. its portrayed as this beautiful topographic point because that’s the manner Brother remembers it and that might be because of all the happy minutes he shared there with Doodle. Brother remembers all of theses events with a hopeful and joyous tone and all take topographic point in serene. beautiful. and beloved Old Women Swamp. In decision. the natural elements of the scene indicate the alteration in the tone from a sorrowful tone to a joyous tone.


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